dead spot in motor

  • i have a stock monster ive ran 2 batties on it once at the track and once just now. if the car comes to a stop the motor will not move i have to give it a push. its not the esc. there is nothing visable wrong . but i have not opened it up yet just wondering if any one had a sugestions.
  • What you have is a hung brush, to remedy this simply pull on each shunt and let the brush snap back into place.
  • replace the brushes as they might have gotten too short but i think its unlikely for yours.

    also make sure the the spring is not pressing on the shunt
  • ive had brushes hang in a stock motor after 2 runs. the shunt must be able to move freely and not stop the brush from moving in the hoods.

    if a brush hangs, chuck em and put new ones in
  • thanks all that was the prob

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