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Since one of the original questions has not been answered, I'll do so. The BL stands for Back Light meaning that the lcd pannel is backlit. To save the hassle of having to connect the voltmeter leads all the time, I soldered them ahead of the powerpole connector on the T35 side, so they are always connected.

If you regularly discharge at 30A, you should check the charging side power pole connectors periodically to make sure they have a snug connection. If they are loose, there will be a lot of heat generated and it will melt the powerpole connectors, possibly fusing them together. How do I know this?

Also, since it only take 500ma (1/2 of an amp) to permanently stop your heart, be careful when dealing with high current like this. I suggest the number 1 rule of an electronics tech. Keep one hand behind your back so you don't create a circuit across your chest.
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Default Questions

I have 2 chargers and only 1 Powersupply. (Rivergate 15amp) So far i have my GFX hooked up to it right now, but i was wondering can i hook my other charger in the powersupply too? It only has one input terminal (At least i think it does). One for POS and one for NEG.

So i was wondering if i can put 2 POS and 2 NEG wires into on terminal?

Also another question, when discharging what should the cutoff volts be at? I have it at 5.40 for right now. Should it be lower or higher?

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Yes, hook both POS. together and both NEG. together.

If your doing 6 cell packs, use 5.4V.
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Nice, Thanks Tres. I was just worried if i hooked them both up it might blow up or something. THanks
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I'm looking at getting a Turbo 30 and was wondering if the case can be dyed?
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yes it can.. but 99% of the people paint them
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I had a question concerning my Turbo 35 BL. In the manual it states the when discharging in the "Off road" mode that the discharge rate varies to simulate actual on and off throttle, but when I am discharging in this mode the display shows a constant 22.86 discharge rate.

And I do not think it is because the rate of discharge is varying so much that the display does not keep up since all of the other display values ( input voltage, battery voltage etc) change constantly.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike
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If you listen carefully you can hear the batteries working on & off during the oval & offraod discharge modes. It simulates the on & off throttle conditions that would be common in those types of racing. I beleive the 22.5 rate is about the average discharge in relation to discharge time.
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