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FREAKAH 06-08-2010 01:13 AM

RCGT....Where is it at today?
Seems like posts on the subject has dwindled lately.

Has interest peaked and on it's way down?

Evoracer 06-08-2010 07:34 AM

My own opinion but I think you're starting to see the inevitable decline when a class has lost its way and the leadership (if anybody ever really knew who that was) waits to long to make hard decisions.
17.5 and open esc rules have either priced people out or caused burn out amongst drivers who should never have been racing at those speeds anyway.
The new SP Cirtix is a partial fix at best. IMO, the gods should've created a sportsman rcgt using 21.5 and fixed esc's and an expert class with 17.5 and fixed esc's. Leave the turbo, timing and other high tech to TC class.
RCGT should have chosen its path and stuck with it; much like VTA. They had a path and made the tough and often unpopular decisions to stay the course.
The big problem now......Someone must make decisions before the class falls apart completely. Like many, I'm already out but willing to get involved again. Then again, I never bought a high end esc and motor. If I did, I might just decide to get a set of tires and a new body and go run 17.5 TC.

TimPotter 06-08-2010 07:40 AM

Well, RCGT suffered like other onroad classes.... The introduction of the new software for the Tekin ( and others). The racers were disgusted... On top of that, there are some other issues.

I know out west they put together TrueSpec.. and that seems to be doing well..with the new SP Cirtix combo..

Our racing is moving to the Cirtix combo also.

IMHO, if we can get the tire cost down... and only once choice.. then the class will be going forward again..

HarryN 06-08-2010 07:41 AM

RCGT, at least at my track, is growing. People like the fact that you can race realistic looking cars. And not to mention that stock spec ESCs are coming out to enhance and augment the rules of no turbo timing or other modifications to keep the spirit of stock racing, I think the class can only keep growing from there.

However, I must agree that there should be some sort of leadership in the RCGT arena. Other than that, I don't think the class is dying or dead just yet.

I enjoy my TA-05 and using a realistic body (Toyota Supra).

MikeXray 06-08-2010 07:45 AM

Here in the NY area its isolated to special events because it's only a tick slower than 17.5 TC and it seems organizers don't want to dillute the classes. I really like the RCGT class and wish it was an every race staple, it seems VTA is more popular, likely due to it being slower than 17.5. (still running 21.5 no timing rules). I'd be ok with slowing down the RCGT class, I still feel that a compromise in rules could be made to run vta/rcgt together, old vs new would look sick on the track. I think given the same power and make the rcgt cars run d-compound tires as well they have to be pretty close.

pejota 06-08-2010 08:05 AM

In some areas of the country 17.5/open speedo is killing the class.

It doesn't provide any different of a driving experience than 17.5 Touring car. My hat is off to the people who can compete at those speeds, but RCGT should have been a better experience than just spec bodies and tires.

Once again, I'll argue that 17.5 is too fast these days for new people to get into the hobby and compete. VTA is a great choice as a beginner class and RCGT should have bridged the gap between it and TC.

At least one track in Florida has chosen the Speedpassion Cirtix combo as a spec ESC but that doesn't necessarily fall in line with ROAR's Sporstman ESC list.

So it seems that nationally, RCGT is quite fractured and following the interests of its local club members.

Evoracer 06-08-2010 08:23 AM

Delete me.

Evoracer 06-08-2010 08:30 AM

Woops, sorry for the double post....could a moderator delete my previous one ? Thanks

You know what this thread needs ?? A poll.
1. Should there be designated sportsman and expert classes.
2. Which motor choice for each class 21.5 or 17.5
3. Fixed esc or open esc for each class
4. Spec tire compound or stay with all 3

Those are my general thoughts for questions.
As for my answers
Should be sportsman and expert.
21.5/ Havoc for sportsman, 17.5 Ballistic,SS/Havoc or 17.5 Cirtix for expert.(others to be approved as they are available for expert only) Still not a fan of 17.5 speeds but the focus should actually be in having a large sportsman class. Experts will always be the smaller percentage of drivers.
Pro compound X pattern only.

Most important...designate WHO makes decisions for RCGT, make a mission statement that defines what the class is trying to do and then advertise that effort.

I ,for one, always thought RCGT and VTA were similar in their thinking. The goal is to bring rc back to the masses, make it FUN again, bring back realism, make it as affordable as possible, make it more spectator friendly.

j.d.roost 06-08-2010 09:28 AM

I just got back into on-road this winter.
What I have found (at my local) is that most folks like running 17.5 t-car.
I tried it a few times and although I think the boost feature is fun and addictive,the speeds are a bit too much for me to
be able to drive the car "at pace" with the other folks.
I was thinking about running rcgt but indoor lap times were VERY close to what the 17.5 t-cars were running so...it's just t-car with cooler bodies.

So I have been running vta (only thing close to a "sportsman" class) where the speed is not so insane....but I am having a hard time getting adjusted to the vta tire and setups so it's not a great amount of fun for me as of now.Also with the motor/esc switch coming into effect later this year, funds being tight and weekly turnout for the class being low I see myself getting forced back into 17.5.

For me 21.5 open speedo rcgt sounds like a good idea.:nod:

Track operators will do what is best for the track.

Foxxrocket 06-08-2010 10:24 AM

These special classes have their ups and downs. Look at mini, just when people thought the class was dead, it came back in a big way. And it's slowly comming back again. F1 has boomed just this year. Right now It's the favorite class, here in north california. But sooner or later these classes will decline and loose popularity, but won't truly die.
I can see the same thing happening to RCGT. A year or two from now someone will long for those RCGT days and it will have a trickle down effect.

Micro-E 06-08-2010 10:32 AM

My vote as one of the "masses":

Novice/Sportsman -
17.5 Non-Timing ESC (give some choices - Cirtix, Havok? Manufactures need to stay in business and make money. Choices are good for consumers)

Expert -
17.5 Open ESC

I would like to have a tire choice as well, however, I think RCGT can't be RCGT without the HPI X tires? I could be wrong on that one...

FWIW - I just installed a Cirtix and locked timing 17.5 motor and I am very impressed with the practice runs so far. Not as fast in a straight line as my Tekin, but more than fast enough to be fun! I'll drop a 8.5 in my Tekin car and race Mod if I want ludicrous speed...

Nova F1 Racer 06-08-2010 10:50 AM

I have no idea what RCGT actually is or even what the letters stand for.

After googling it I could not find a good set of rules/etc.....

This will die unless some rules are put in place and everyone agrees to them...:rolleyes:

Hebiki 06-08-2010 11:00 AM

Originally Posted by Nova F1 Racer (Post 7514659)
I have no idea what RCGT actually is or even what the letters stand for.

After googling it I could not find a good set of rules/etc.....

This will die unless some rules are put in place and everyone agrees to them...:rolleyes:


MikeXray 06-08-2010 11:00 AM

Originally Posted by Nova F1 Racer (Post 7514659)
I have no idea what RCGT actually is or even what the letters stand for.

After googling it I could not find a good set of rules/etc.....

This will die unless some rules are put in place and everyone agrees to them...:rolleyes:


Evoracer 06-08-2010 11:57 AM

From the HPI website. The basics were there.....just needed a Captain to keep it on course. And remember, these thoughts were BEFORE the newest electronics tech surge. Again, program needed to adjust. Looks like nobody is going to ask so I will....Is there someONE or a group who are actually guiding this program ? Personally I always thought Charlie B and others were the "designated drivers". If they aren't, anybody want to step up and take on this gig ??

The idea behind the unique RCGT Challenge class is simple, it strives in going back to the true roots of what competitive touring car racing was, and should be all about- awesome, realistic looks, and most importantly, FUN! And on top of all the scale realism that RCGT brings to the table, it is also competitive and accessible to all, due to the fact that it is inexpensive to get into and is suitable for racers of all skill levels, yet it still puts your skills to the ultimate test.

Now, if any of that sounds like you, or even makes sense to you, then you MUST check out RCGT Challenge (even if none of the above sounds like you, you still have to check this class out, and see the whole other world that exists). The class that unites the R/C touring car lover and the purist motor sport lover. The class where you can get points for adding an intercooler, racing mirrors or an exhaust. Where you run trick, spoked offset wheels with realistic looking HPI X-Pattern tires, and can let your imagination run wild to make your car the most realistic piece of art on the track. Be one of the many to join one of the most realistic and rapidly growing R/C racing classes to date, and let your inner touring car racer be free.

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