2004 IFMAR ISTC & 1/12th On Road Worlds at Full Throttle Speedway

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  • Is it practice or the real finals?
  • The boys and girls have just finished the 2nd of the triple A-Mains....

    Practice was over Thursday.
  • Diasuke won A2...we heard it live from Fernando's cell phone on Scotty's Speaker. Marc got 3rd, Hara 2nd, and Masami 4th. Sounded like a killer race.
  • daisuke....hara..masami.........reinhardt..confirm ed r2
  • if we have several drivers with samepoints, whta counts? better third run?
  • The 3rd will be interesting! Wow,not even there and its exciting!
  • how long till R3?
  • we seem to be getting lots of different results for r2...anyone know what actually happend for definate?
  • yoshi
    masami is the right result
  • Yoshi and Marc on 198 Hara and Masami on 196
  • So that would be:

    198 Daisuke
    198 Reinhardt
    196 Masami
    196 Hara
  • That should be one heck of a race.

    As soon as my guys get home late on Sunday, I'll see what I can do to edit up a quick web version.

    I'm leaving for SoCal right now, so I'll leave the reporting in the hands of Orion. See you all back on this thread tonight for the Worlds post-mortem...
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Leini
    masami is the right result
    I've got the same Top 3 from my source.......
  • Doug is correct, here's the breakdown:

    First race:

    1. Marc (100)
    2. Masami (99)
    3. Daisuke (98)
    4. Hara (97)

    Second race:

    1. Daisuke (100)
    2. Hara (99)
    3. Marc (98)
    4. Masami (97)

    So right now:

    1. Daisuke (198)
    2. Marc (198)
    3. Hara (196)
    4. Masami (196)

    If Daisuke or Marc wins the third main, they win. If Hara or Masami wins, they need Marc and Daisuke to finish 4th or worse for an outright win. If either finishes third in that scenario, it would go to a tiebreak. If Hara or Masami wins and Daisuke or Marc finishes 2nd, then whoever finishes 2nd will win.
  • thank you!

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