TC3 maintnance

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Default TC3 maintnance

Ok, so I have had my tc3 for about 6 months now, and have raced a few times. I have pulled the diffs apart and cleaned everything I can think of, and check for broken parts.

I would like to know about cleaning bearsings. I have one that does not turn very freely. What is the procedure for breaking it down and cleaning it. What sort of lube should be used to repack it.

how often I should rebuild the shocks? I noticed that I loose a little rebound on the shocks after they have been run for a day.
Should I rebuild them after every race day?

What other things can you gurus think of that could help a newbie keep is r/c in top notch shape.

Also, What temp is normal for a motor (stock) when it comes off a 5 min race? Just curious, it seams like mine gets really hot, but that may be normal.

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I would grab a macro shock rebuild kit for $3 and rebuild all of your shocks, makes a great difference.
Regarding stock motor temperatures, if you can hold your thumb on the motor for 3 seconds before it burns then thats about right. You should be reaching top speed at about 3/4 of the length of the straight.
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To clean your bearings better, remove the seals from both sides of all the bearings and blast it with motor spray. Then give it some bearing oil and put them back. No bearing seal, more cleaning, less drag
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Don't forget to change your hinge pins... those things bend if you look at them wrong
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BRP makes a nice set of hinge pins. They are more durable than the stock ones, smoother, and cheaper than the factory team ones from AE.
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Trying some shock bladders might keep the oil in better. General Silicones has a kit. it also comes with o rings. thats what i use. it also makes the shock feel more consistant. i think they talked about this a few pages back in the Tc3 forum.
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What should do as maintnance if my car as been sitting since last season? This car is nearly new and as been raced once then but away to race offroad.

shock, bearing, and diff etc....
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Where can you get the BRP hinge pins? And the General Silicone shock bladders?
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you can order BRP stuff direct. They are good about sending things out. I also like there protection stuff for the TC3 like the front and rear bumper and nerf wings. They really do the job.

I would look into doing a diff rebuild and if the bearing feels notchy may have to look into replacing it. I managed to shatter one the other day, was funny to see that wheel just roll way
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I have two bearings that feel "notchy". I work in a lab, and have done everything I can think of to free the bearings up. I think they are toast.

So, what are some good bearings to get. I am using the teflon sealed ones that came with my FT TC3. Are there ones that are better.

What should I look for in new bearings?


P.S. I raced over the weekend and got third place. First time ever to place in a race. Not important, but still wanted to share.
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Originally posted by TuxRacer
So, what are some good bearings to get. I am using the teflon sealed ones that came with my FT TC3. Are there ones that are better.

What should I look for in new bearings?

Get whatever fits your budget. Primo deluxe would be ceramic bearings. I have used the Polymide bearings from Acer and they work fine.

You can buy them as sets or individually.
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i will second that, the polymide bearings from acer are really good value, u can order direct from them and the delivery is quick.

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Check out AvidRC (David Joor's company). Nicest racer I know and he's got great bearing. The outdrive bearing on the TC3 are the 3/8x5/8 which he stocks in a metal shield.
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