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and i'm sure that some technics hurts the cells, the numbers can be awesome, but the cells probably are weak.....
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SHELL....EXXON.....MOBILE......AMOCO.....CHEVRON.. ...BP......APPCO......super unleaded 89%.......91%......92%.........they're all gasoline......whatever the company wants to put in there as their octane rating.........same thing with GP3300 batteries....whatever the matcher wants to put in their......thats unless you run don't'll finish the race unless you hit the wall or another car........ ...DNF.....
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You'll FINISH the race, but will you win it?
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Winning is the "ICING" on the cake.........finishing the damned race is like going to heaven and back for me.......if I finish all qualifiers & the main....I have a wide grinn on my face till next saturday ........
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I know that feeling, you break something you are like jumping up and down with anger . . .
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Thats right....I was at the ARCOR TN state race over the weekend.....broke my t-plate on my KSG n the mains......bummer.
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my vote is TEAM ONE HEFTY CELLS.. its all i have used for the last few years.. it helps i am buddies with the matcher for them, but there cells are true numbers.... what u see in the showcase is what the team uses....they dont fudge there stuff...

i have used other cells in the past and if the numbers are good and true any true pack will work as good as aontother..

the only thing u need to watch for is the companies that put a higher number on the cell thhan it actually is...

there are some matchers that cut off the voltage at its peak.. like say 375 seconds. this is a bad way to do it .. u want a full average for the whole run.. not just peak,,, if weveryone cut off at it peak u would see nothing but huge number packs...

also look for 30 or 35 amps matchers... cells matched at 20 amps may be 1.18 packs or higher but a 30 amp with the same voltage will make it myucch better..
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Default Fukuyama

Judging from all the answers on both pages. I think that most racers are using the Fukuyama packs. You guys are lucky you have a dealer in your country. I am in Australia and we dont have a dealer here. We have to order them from Hong Kong. The service is still fantastic though.

Have you decided on which batteries you are going to buy. and
What are they.
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As most of you know, as long as the matcher has a good zapping/matching process, the mojority of the well known battery companies all have good products. I mean, these are all the same batteries with basically the same zapping process. The matchers all match, just some have different readings for the same thing (differing because of the brand of matcher). So common sense tells us that if you are basically getting the same or very similar samples of the same product, then we should look further for a reason to purchase. Some people care about customer service. Some people care about price. Some people are faithful for one reason or another no matter what. Some people just like one label better than the other...but most customers look for a combination of all.

With that information in mind, here's something to ponder-
Kinetix batteries are as good or better than anything out there. Ron is accessible and helpful as anyone you can name. He even helps racers at the track who don't use his products just because he cares more about the hobby and having fun than playing cut-throat games. With this most recent sale, (correct me if I'm wrong) he has the absolute LOWEST prices anywhere!! In fact, why do you think the price of GP3300's (the best most durable racing cells ever come to r/c racing) is so low? 2 reasons- b/c Trinity isn't the sole importer, and because Kinetix R/C started a pricing war over a year ago that drove EVERYONE to lower their prices. Even if you don't buy Kinetix cells you should be thanking them because if it weren't for Kinetix, you wouldn't be getting the packs you bought for the price you PAID. Plus I like the idea that practically every cent of profit Ron makes goes back into r/c racing in some form whether it be to pay for his racing or to help other racers or even help a struggling r/c club like ours in Memphis.

And in case you're wondering, NO, I'm not sponsored by Kinetix. I pay the same prices you do. Hell he even charged me five bucks extra for shipping!!! I run Kinetix cells because I like Ron and I appreciate the value I get from him.
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Personally, I believe that matched cells from a well known matcher and of the same brand and generation, is quite even.

However, I havent bought batts form several matchers and afterwards compared them on a 35GFX or similar equipment. So I might be wrong


Around here (Europe, Denmark), RC prices in general is high.

So I bought Fukuyama directly from Fukuyama because quality is good, price is reasonably and the service is very, very good.
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My point of view to share,

The best batteries are the one with no spec number on its sticker as only being available to their team driver to win races and carries the victory name brand. And this is the best batteries from that respective Brand only.

Most of them being mathced by Turbo Matcher standard number, but is it not international standard. Some company has comes up with other method and proof to yield higher number (not necesseraly meaning better power).

Customer service point of view... what can really goes wrong on buying batteries? More profesional companies has given necessary information on its box and maybe additional info stated on their website. Small and trying to survive company have the owners trying to answer all customer related questions becuase they still have time to do it and wanted to get notice. Imagine how proud of you if Mike Reedy himself answering all your emails?? Does he have to just to make you buy his creations?

Your best bet is buying whatever brand your fell comfortable with at the price range you are looking for.. If I only could, I would then charge them with turbo macther always to maintain its truest number..
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