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imjonah 04-08-2004 12:15 PM

Older radios with lots of adjustments
I have a Futaba 2PD transmitter. It has a ton of fine tuning adjustments on it. It is a little heavy but otherwise it seems to have all I need. I do not really need multiple model memory.

It seems to work fine. I am wondering what improvements they have made in the last several years, internally to the electronics that might make me want to buy a newer radio.

I am just learning how to drive, the only setting on the newer radios which looked like it might help is the Exponantial (or ability to pick a particular throttle sensitivity graph). Otherwise it seems like this radio has all the same features as the current $100 - $125 radios.

Thanks in advance,

Cole Trickle 04-08-2004 12:26 PM

Exponential might be usefull for adapting better to your ESC/motor combo. Example: Your RC dont move much the first part of trigger movement. You can then use Exp, so the car start moving immediately after you pull the trigger just 1-2 millimeter.

But is that a problem with your current combo? And I would also say, it's an expensive advantage in your case, since you got a nice radipo allready.

Then there's fast response system. I dont have experience myself, so I dont know if it's hype or for real. But it might be worth an upgrade. But they requires digital servos, to be used for their full advantage. AS far as I've read....

Conclusion? Use your good radio and get some nice track experience first. Nothing can beat experience. Even not the most rocket science 1.000$ radio :D

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