Gotta show'em who's boss.....but how?

  • I noticed on Sunday, that I'm the only one at my club running a xxx-s. Its a small ,tight, carpet track and I want to know how I can compete with the other drivers. I've been trying to follow the guides on but not to much success. I had lots of trouble with traction at the last race.

    What tips do you guys have? I want to show people that a xxx-s can easily be competetive.
  • Well is it a Graphite plus? TOdd Hodge is the man to Ask. He has his own "Ask Todd Hodge Aka Hodgimoto" i think its called. You can Go in there and Ask all types of questions. Mostly everyone on Rctech is Friendly would be happy Assist you with any help you need. I personally don't run xxx-s but theres alot of people that do. Hope this helps
  • Well its not fully a G+. I had to switch back to the regular chassis but I was thinking of milling it out to reduce weight.

    I was following Todd's sheet. I didn't know he was on this forum, thanks.
    thats the link to his forum. No Problem

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