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Old 04-02-2004, 12:34 PM   #31
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Associated RC10 B4
Kyosho Mini-Z Enzo
Kyosho FW-05R x 2
Tamiya F201
Tamiya M04M
Tamiya TB Evo3 Surikarn
Tamiya TRF415

I thought I had too many RC cars but looks like I was wrong...
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Old 04-02-2004, 12:45 PM   #32
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Originally posted by Tim Stamper
Okay, here it goes. Quantities are in ()

Associated FT tc3 (4)
Losi xxx-s g+
Losi xxx-t MF (2)
Losi xxx
Trinity Reflex 1/12
Trinity Switchblade 1/12 (2)
Associated T4 - Loaded
Yokomo MX-4
Yokomo M2 pro
Corally c4
Corally c4.1
Hpi Pro 2
Hpi Pro 3 (2) 1 has woven tub chassis
Tamiya TB evo I
Traxxas e-maxx - Loaded
3racing tamiya F-201
Tamiya 103 - Loaded
Kyosho inferno 10
Serpent impact m2 4wd
serpent impulse
trinity reflex nt
Kyosho mini-z (2)
Kyosho mini-z F1 (2)
Abc hobbies dtm 1/24th
Reilly Innovations 1/18th scale
HPI Nitro MT 4-stroke all Aluminum parts

I think that's it. I had more but I sold them recently. This winter I got rid of 2 Yokomo SD cars and a Tamiya EVO III Surikarn.

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Old 04-02-2004, 12:54 PM   #33
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Damn...another one of these brain teaser questions!! Oh well..here goes...

Tamiya Evo3 Surikarn
Tamiya Evo3
Tamiya Evo2
Tamiya TRF414M2
Tamiya TA04R
Tamiya F201
Tamiya F103RS
Tamiya F103Lm TRF
Tamiya TA02SW
Tamiya TA02
Tamiya TA03F
Tamiya TA03FS
Tamiya MO1
Tamiya MO2M
Tamiya MO2L(2)
Tamiya MO3
Tamiya MO3L
Tamiya TB01(2)
Tamiya TL01
Associated TC3(2)
Kawada Alcyon 2
Schumacher SST
And then there are all those Tamiya bodies.......No wonder I'm broke !!

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Old 04-02-2004, 01:41 PM   #34
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The top is the latest addition:

KSG One-piece chassis
ADX Slider 4 & 6 cell
X-Ray M18
Motek EXO2
HPI RS4 micro
OFNA Hyper7
Yokomo YRX12 Worlds Edition
Custom Works Dominator
Custom Works Enforcer
Custom Works Intimidator
RC10 (Gold Tub)
Kyosho Ultima
Tamiya Frog(my 1st)

Awaiting for the new Custom Works Oval Pan car
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Old 04-02-2004, 01:58 PM   #35
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Had in the past:
HPI Pro 1
TC3 again
Losi XXS G+
TC3 again
CRC Bloody Edition
TRinity SB Spash. Edition

Have now:
Barracuda R2
Warpspeed TC3
CRC 3.1 (Professionally built and raced )
Geoff C.
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Old 04-02-2004, 02:39 PM   #36
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Location: NorCal. Napa area
Posts: 7,212
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Past cars:

Kyosho Ultima original (belongs to my 2yo son now..)
HPI Pro1
HPI Pro2
HPI Pro3 x 2
Tamiya F103RS x 2
HPI Super F1 x 2
AE RC12L3 x 3
AE TC3 IRS edition.
Xray Evo2
Alex Racing R2 Web special 'Cuda
Yokomo SD SSG

Current cars:

HPI Pro4
Tamiya F201
Cross Fireforce F1 x 2 (gather dust)
AE RC10L '91 ( my first and still fast...)
Yokomo WRX-12WE
Tomy Bit-charge micros x 4
Kyosho 1/8 EP motorcycle.

Future cars wish list:
Tamiya TRF 415
Xray EVO2 Factory Kit.
Hara Hammer 12
HB WCE HARA EDITION CYCLONE: LRP Sphere TC, KO 2363 digital servo.
HB HARA EDITION PRO4: Gone to a new home..

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Old 04-02-2004, 02:57 PM   #37
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You guys are going into all your rides, past and present? Ok, here goes all the old cars in as close to the order as I can remember that I no longer own:

Kyosho Ultima (lto converted for dirt oval)
RC10T (full rpm conversion)
RC10(full rpm conversion)
BoLink Super Sport
Kyosho Target Indycar
JRxPro SE (another one)
Kyosho Lazer ZX-RR
Trinity EV10SS
C&M Cobra Wide ride
TRC Spec Car (2)
HPI RS10GO (oval car, man I miss this car)
F103L (2)
F103 LM (LeMans car)
TRC Disruptor
HPI RS4 Mini Pro
Team Losi Street Weapon
IWC Street Weapon
XXX-T (standard, not MF)
HPI Micro RS4
XXX-S Graphite Plus

31? Thats it? Man, it seems like more than that.
Site Content Specialist- Surface

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Old 04-02-2004, 03:10 PM   #38
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tc3 RTR
Losi xxx-s
Losi xxx-sg+
Xray EvoII

Warpspeed demon1
ft tc3
yes Im poor
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Old 04-02-2004, 03:48 PM   #39
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Ill' take a stab at past and present..

Tamiya Lancia Rally
Tamiya Thundershot
Tamiya F103rs x2
Tamiya F103lm
Tamiya TA04
Tamiya TA04r
Tamiya F201
Losi LXT
Losi XX
Losi XX cr
Losi Rally Weapon
Hpi Pro 2
Hpi Pro 3 x2
Hpi Sport 2
HPI rS4 Micro
Hpi Super Nitro
Associated B2
Associated t3
Associated 12l3
Associated NTC3
Kyosho Mini Z F1
Kyosho V1R
Ofna -< some kinda electric TC
Ofna Z1 Rally
TTR Mirage Vspec
Traxxas TMaxx
Xray T1r
Cross F1
Corally sp12m
Yokomo 12th
Powell 12th
Schumacher SST Rally
Schumacher Axis x2
Schumacher Axis 2
Schumacher Mission x2
Schumacher Warpspeed Mission
Schumacher Pdub Mi2
Clean Title & Escrow|p3|TRF|Tamiya|SerpentAmerica|FSEARA|Team Butter|RC 3|Munno |RCTECH #29|EAMotorsports|BMI|Novak|SpeedPassion|RadioPost

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Old 04-02-2004, 04:21 PM   #40
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I still gottem never sold....
Kyosho Turbo Ultima
Kyosho Optima Mid SE
Kyosho Lazer ZX
Associated RC10 Team Car
Associated RC10 Truck
Associated 10L
Associated 10L SS
Tamiya M02L
Tamiya Nissan 300z
Tamiya F103
Tamiya TB01
Tamiya TA03F
Tamiya TA03F saddle
Tamiya TA04
Tamiya EVO3
Tamiya 414M2

Extras that were sold...
Tamiya TA04
Tamiya M02L
Tamiya TA03F

Not sure what I would get next seems Tamiya has been my latest habit. I seem to be more of a racer than collector. Then again I have a collection of my old race cars.....
teamgravityrc.com - motivrc.com
USVTA National Points Member #101
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Old 04-02-2004, 04:24 PM   #41
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Hehe... This is fun stuff! I had to use excel to list down my cars (past and present = 57 and growing...) Ok, here goes

Past cars I had to regretably sell since 1987 (20 total):

HPI Nitro Rush
HPI RS4 Mini RS4
HPI RS4 Super Nitro
Kyosho Lazer ZX
Kyosho Optima Mid SE
Kyosho Ultima Pro, (MIP Conversion to Truck)
Tamiya TRF 414M-2
Tamiya FF02 (Alfa Romeo)
Tamiya M-04 (BMW Z3)
Tamiya Stryker (My first R/C Car, circa 1987)
Tamiya TA02 (Opel Calibra)
Tamiya TA02 (Mercedez DTM)
Tamiya TA03F (Alfa Romeo)
Tamiya TA03F-Pro
Tamiya TA03R-TRF
Tamiya TB-01 (Mitsubishi Lancer)
Tamiya TL01 (XB)
Yokomo MR4-TC Sport (Wife's Car)
Yokomo MR4-TC Sport (My Car)

Present Cars (37 Total):

HPI RS4 Micro RS4
HPI RS4 Mini Pro
HPI RS4 Nitro 2 (90% Aluminum/Very Heavy!)
HPI RS4 Pro 2
HPI RS4 Pro 3, Hara Spec
HPI RS4 Pro 3, Penguin Spec (parts car)
HPI RS4 Sport 2
Kyosho Triumph
Kyosho Mini-Z F1
Kyosho KX-One, w/ Saddle Chassis Conversion
Losi Double X
Ofna YZ-10 Pro
Tamiya TRF 414M, Lightweight Bulkheads/SSG spec
Tamiya TRF 414M-2, World's Chassis Replica
Tamiya TRF 415
Tamiya M-03L (Mini)
Tamiya TA03F-Pro, Eagle/Cross Racing Spec
Tamiya TA03R-TRF, w/ Atlas Racing Chassis
Tamiya TA03R-TRF, w/ Pheonix Racing Chassis
Tamiya TA04-Pro
Tamiya TA04-R
Tamiya TA04-SS
Tamiya F201
Tamiya F103RS Le Mans (Toyota TS010)
Tamiya Wild Willy
Tamiya Mad Fighter
Tamiya TG-10 MK.1 (Nissan R32, JGTC)
Tamiya TB Evolution I
Tamiya TB Evolution II
Tamiya TB Evolution III, Surikarn Spec (Blue)
Tamiya TB-01 (Mitsubishi Lancer), Cross Spec
Tamiya TB-01 (JGTC NSX)
Tamiya TB-01 (the Wife's R/C!)
Tamiya TL01 (Toyota Supra)
Yokomo MR4-TC Pro
Yokomo MR4-TC SD SSG, Tobee Craft/Team Suzuki
RC LAB Seven 6.0 version II

Other "toy" cars I have in my toy room(yes, we never grow old)...

375 1/18 scale die casts
60 1/43 scale cars
15 1/20 Tamiya plastic models
around 300 hotwheels(lost count)...
TAOB Racing Team (1999 - 2011)

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Old 04-02-2004, 04:45 PM   #42
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Originally posted by eeyan
RC LAB Seven 6.0 version II
eeyan didnt know you had this car?

dont forget your 1:1 scale Mazda Miata and Toyota Corolla!
Hebiki Design Works
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2-FT TC3's
Xray Evo2
XXX-T MF edition
RC10L3 Oval
~~Stephen Sobottka~~
SMC Racing
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Old 04-02-2004, 04:59 PM   #44
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TC3 electric
Yokomo GT-4
HPI RS4 Micro
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So far im the only guy with one car, my TC3. Used to run a TA03-R with the FRP chassis a fair few years back though.
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