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  • Speaking of the 12L4, I want to swap my spur for a 48pitch as it is nigh on impossible to find 64pitch pinions here and all my other cars run 48 pitch now, it only makes sense.

    What size spur would be a good starting point with a 12turn motor?

    I am guessing Kimbrough make a suitable spur; anyone have the part number on hand?
  • Start with an 78 tooth spur. 75 or 72 are also options.
    Any larger and you'll be in trouble with tire size and motor space.
    Partnumbers 78T: #145, 75T: #144, 72T: #143.
  • Re: 12L4
    Originally posted by PMK
    Granted the 12L4 has won and seems to be the platform to build from, but what is the best method to get the pod/axle/ride height adjusters freed up.

    Explaining further, how are you guys reworking the oval ride height adjusters to slip fit into the pod and getting the bearings looser in the ride height adjuster. There has to be an easier way to get the axle to unbind and slip in with no force.

    Use a reamer, 3/8 inch diameter, to enlarge the position for the bearing. It will take a little bit of effort, but eventually the hole will be large enough to accept the bearing with very little force.

    Another thing that may be a problem is the side plates on the motor pod. If either is bent, the ride height adjusters will not be held square to each other. That will bind the axle in the bearings, too.
  • Getting back in da hobby
    Hi all!
    I am just getting back into 12th scale racing again, and whoa, seems like there's a lot of improvements in all areas. Ah well. I've got my budget to stick too. Currently running a Kawada M300RSR (yes it's old!) with a 17 turn mod Tamiya F1 motor and 3k batteries, 6 cells, 8 min heats. Amazingly, my batteries, after going through the charger's "format" function seem to be performing just as they were a year ago!

    However, I have forgotten how to gear my car . Can you guys suggest a suitable rollout for a 17 turn? The track in question has a straight about 70 feet long. Infield is rather tight and technical. No chance to bring my car down for lap time testing; sunday's the race day itself and I'm outta a year of practice :-)

    Thanks in advance mates!

  • Start somewhere in the direction of 40mm/rev.
  • PMK i saw mike lufaso 's car.. the piece he had on there was from yokomo ... i guess it made it almost tweak free.. and made the T-plate real stiffer. only worked on asphalt tracks though... he tried it indoor at our local track but didnt like it.. actually it was his Worlds car i was looking at.. but for indoor he actually liked his stock car so much better in stock form!!
  • Lufaso 12L4
    Thanks RC freak. I assumed it was to allow the car to remain more consistant. In time I'm going to look into it since I plan to run outdoor only for now. If you see Mike let him know that at least one person has read his efforts he posted and appreciates it. (PN's would be cool too)

    Also FWIW that guy that had issues with his 12L4 front axles needing to be sanded to allow the bearings to fit, another one here, one side is fine the opposite axle is larger than the bearing. Measured it's .0005 to large.

    As for the rear axle, I did search a while after posting and there were a couple recomendations to ream @3/8". Prior to posting, I did try a unibit on one of the off sizes, it was better but not what I wanted. It will get done.


  • Sorry guys but what are the digital servos for 12th again?
  • http://www.rctech.net/forum/showthre...threadid=58619
  • No ones running a crc 3.2 Carpet knife?
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Ginsu
    No ones running a crc 3.2 Carpet knife?
    I do
  • YOK MS1 body.

    most like it on the asphalt track because it gives more rear downforce. when we had a carpet track the Yok drivers ran the Parma/Trinity Speed 8/9 bodies.

    Yokomo also has a new 12th body called MS2. it has the high downforce tail of the MS1 but everything else is changed. it is curved in between the front and rear wheels.....really hard to describe the rest
  • Protoform 12
    The new Protoform 12 body has an adjustable Gurney strip like those 1/8 scale on roaders.
  • truing tires....

    new to 12th scale, anybody know who carries the arbors for 12th scale tires @ decent prices?????????????
  • Integy has some 12th scale arbors but they're sold out.

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