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AdrianM 03-30-2004 12:51 PM

2004 On Road Worlds Warm Up & Worlds At Full Throttle Speedway
The 2004 Electric On Road Worlds will be held at Full Throttle Speedway on Kissimmee, FL on October 21st through 31st, 2004.

The Worlds Warm Up (Pre-Worlds) will be April 28th to May 2nd, 2004.

Here's the link to Full Throttle Speedways Website: http://www.fullthrottlespeedway.com

The Warm Up entry form was printed in R/C Car Action and is avaiable on the Full Throttle website.

If you have general questions about the Warm Up or the Worlds post them here. We will answer them as soon as possible.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to participate as a sponsor of the Warm Up or Worlds and you have not received a sponsorship package please contact:

Adrian Martinez - Worlds Sponsorship Director
[email protected]
PH: 813-889-9691

True R/C Racing 03-30-2004 01:36 PM

only like 28-29 More Days until the Pre-worlds Starts. I suggest Signing up as Quick as Possible.:cool:

TimPotter 03-30-2004 01:49 PM

My registration form is on it's way in !!

Todd Hodge 03-31-2004 07:45 AM

Adrian-Has IFMAR picked a tire yet for the Worlds? I know you guys have already picked a tire for the warmup.

AdrianM 03-31-2004 11:28 AM

Still waiting...

All blocs have gotten the tire proposal and the unanimous response is that everyone wants some sort of premount. No one wants a repeat of the tire gluing problems in South Africa and Minnreg

So far CS27GL and LRP(Pit) 30R premounts have been made available to us. Sorex 36R tires with Sorex inserts and open rims are the non mounted alternative.

The problem is that IFMAR has no rules regarding the use of premounted tires. We are in contact with IFMAR via phone calls and email on a weekly basis trying to get this sorted out ASAP.

The Worlds Warm Up will be run on TakeOff CS27GL's because that was the Track Owners first choice. They are the tires the local racers prefer for the surface and weahter conditions. These tires are also currently the best selling racing tire in the US and European markets so they are familiar to racers world wide.

Todd Hodge 04-01-2004 12:31 PM

Adrian-Well as soon as you find out could you please email me? If the tire is not confirmed soon Team Losi will probably not be coming to the warmup. It is too much of a chance to go test on something that we may not run. I do agree with you that the CS27 tire is a great tire and very popular.

AdrianM 04-01-2004 12:44 PM

I just got off the phone with Heiner Martin of IFMAR. The Warm Up and the Worlds will be on Take Off CS27GL pre-mount tires.

Greg Anthony 04-01-2004 04:09 PM

Does anyone know when the ROAR Worlds Team will be announced?

Greg Anthony
[email protected]

Greg Anthony 04-02-2004 01:48 PM


Speedlinehobbie 04-03-2004 03:22 PM

Well , i just spoke with Jorge of full throttle a little while ago , we have made a deal for Speedlinehobbies of Clearwater to be the official hobby shop of Warm up , The Aug state race , and the Worlds later in the year . I want to thank him for letting us be a part of the event . It sounds like this should be the best Onroad worlds in a long time .
The warm up is only weeks away , i am working on a inventory list for the race , but would appreciate any suggestions for what you would like to see at the Official race hobby shop . Thanks , Joe Freitas

True R/C Racing 04-03-2004 03:29 PM

Hey Joe Hows it going? sorry havent been at your place in a while. Shoot me an Email If you would plz. [email protected]

lmunno 04-03-2004 03:42 PM

Sounds great!!! Speedline is one of the best hobby shops around, he'll do a great job!:nod:

lmunno 04-04-2004 06:55 PM

What are the body rules for IFMAR? And what would be the bodies most popular to run at Full Throttle?

AdrianM 04-05-2004 08:38 AM

Squashing some rumors....
There is a rumor going around Europe about the track surface changing between the Warm Up and the Worlds.

This is not true. Jorge Ruiz (track owner) and I have no idea where this came from. The asphalt was laid in June of 2003 and there are no plans to repave or seal the track before the worlds.

The only change between the Warm Up and the Worlds will be a layout change.


Adrian and Jorge

AdrianM 04-05-2004 08:55 AM

1/12th US Worlds Team
Forwarded to me by ROAR Secretary Randy Holst.

Final List
Josh Cyrul
Mike Blackstock
Chris Dosek
Dave Vera
Mike Dumas
Walter Henderson
Eric Desrosiers
Greg Anthony
Andrew Cartwright
Fred Kellner
Paul Lemieux
Chris Cash
Brian Kinwald
John Albright
Michael Bruce
Mark Adams
Barry Baker
Adam Hartzell
Terry Rott
David Robinson
Brian Jucha
Mark Painter
Jari Taskila
Jeff Brown
Mitch Witteman
Fernando Gordinho
Jeffery Goodier
Chris Tosolini
Darren Shank
Dave Kurschner

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