Sweep Racing Tires 1/10th Sedan thread

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  • 10.5 to 8.5 will be plenty fast...especially with turbo boosting going on, i have a spare 6.5 if someone with a non boost speedo needs to borrow some rip.
  • Its has come to our attention that a resent batch of EXP 36 tires have had some small issues on real high bite tracks such as Blue Diamond. We are working hard the last few months to correct issue and produce a superior EXP tire for the US market. Much testing and trail has gone into this process the last few months under development of team drivers and factory support. So I assure you that our Exp36 are of the highest quality out there. Also want to let you know that these small instances have been quickly solved by having team representatives at these races.

    Thank you all for your support and Sweep em all!!
    Team Sweep Racing USA
  • Sweep!!!
  • Who has these tires in stock?
  • Quote: Who has these tires in stock?
  • They are out of stock on everything
  • You would know right Bmac!

    AKA Johnson
  • I am going to call them tomorrow and hopefully they may have some backstock!
  • Quote: They are out of stock on everything
    The recommended wheel for outdoor/indoor club racing is the QTS-32 Pre-glued. Just checked and they are in stock.


    The dealers made a recent run on the Sweep EXP wheels. Inventory gets low by Thursday as everyone gets tires for the weekend. That is why some of the stock is low. Check some of the following dealers. They will also ship to you.

    Sweep Dealer List

    SweepUSA gets multi shipments every week. Plus, they will definitely be stocked for the Sweep Challenge next weekend in Connecticut.
  • Quote: They are out of stock on everything
    as of yesterday all EXP36 is back in stock,

    we re low on EXP30 cause of the warm weather but everything else on Onroad is in good stock status.

    thank you.
  • Just used the EXP 36's at my local track at Surf City Raceway. I will no longer use my Sorex. I am sold with Sweep! Thankyou Sweep racing for making my racing that much better!
  • Rose City Scale Racing report.

    Tires were available for race day. Many were purchased. Some drivers used other brands. Results proved Sweep out performed all. The track was a killer on rubber but we had no break down and all rubber lasted well and will be very useable at the next race.

    Well done Sweep and thanks for the update on supply chain. Many happy racers in the NW.

  • I was visiting another track today , small tight and twisty.

    this was a challange for me as i am used to our large fast flowing track but this new track has good grip , i didnt smear for the first run and it went ok

    after 3 runs i smeared and i had got to grips with the track , after around 100 laps i was up to pace and even getting peeping of the tyres , first for this track i m told

    and i was only 0.500 a lap slower than their fastest guy in stock

    so i convinced another racer to the Sweep racing EXP30's

  • When are the exp 30's going to be in stock?
  • Round 1 for the 2010 Sweep Challenge Racing Series was a huge success. Round 1 was held at Controlfreakz in Chaplin, Ct.

    John or Kenny will be posting some pictures and a race report later after they get some rest.

    If you are interested in having the Sweep Challenge series come to your town, please send an email to [email protected].

    Here is a couple videos from the weekend of racing. Lots of fun.

    17.5 Touring Car
    + YouTube Video
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    MOD Touring Car
    + YouTube Video
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