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Originally Posted by Darkseid View Post
Maybe Traxxas could do magic for on road, one question though........

Why would they want to???

Lets face it, the on-road crowd for the most part are self destructive. By that I mean that no matter how cool something is, how convienent it is, how realistic it is, or most of all, how balanced something is, the on-road crowd will ALWAYS destroy it with over competitivness.

Think of:
-All the class that have come and gone to "save" on-road or on-road tracks. Corrupted...all of them.
-All the technology that has come along that could have made for stable competitive racing. Corrupted...all of it.

Fact is, no matter how many good ideas you throw at on-road, the 'I have no life outside of my next R/C car victory' crowd will always ruin it with the next timing advance, the next motor crank, the next $500+ TC, the next C rating that don't mean crap, the next RIDICULOUS TC BODY THAT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A CAR, the list goes on...

SO...the question remains, why would Traxxas waste their time investing in something that we all know is a losing bet.

No matter what magic Traxxas would/could bring to on-road, it would be corrupted and forgotten by the over competetive scene in on-road within 6 months...guaranteed!

Traxxas, save your money and 'magic' for the people in R/C who actually still care about having fun in this "hobby". Don't waste it on the on-road scene, we don't deserve it....and this is coming from an on-road racer...
None of this would happen if vets were not allowed to run, which was part of my initial post on the idea. I mean, sure, there will always be some peole who just 'get it' right away, prep the cars better, drive better, and win everything. That's ok. Those are the people who will move up into other classes...this is the entire point of a spec beginners' series.
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Originally Posted by Old Tech View Post
I've seen the same issue in r/c planes when they went from kits to more ready to fly stuff, so I don't entirely disagree with you. However, I think what is missing now is racers, period. As such, if a Slash onroad equivalent can be found and produced and if the effect is to bring more racers in then I'd say it's a good thing. There are many reasons why somebody buys a ready to run car. Many of them do wrench on their own. I don't think you can cassify all rtr owners into the "won't repai their own car" category.
Yeah I understand that. RTR is more like a shotgun approach to the industry. It's probably better for business, but not really getting at the real problem.
When I was younger, there were no such things as RTRs except tyco and Nikko, which were classified as toys. I would help my friends put their kits together and that interaction alone was pretty fun. Perhaps I'm just too old skool

Sometimes, you can't help but to get an RTR because that's the only way to get it. Like the SC lineup, most of the cars are offered as RTRs. The SC10 had a kit, but I hear that the RTR version has better stuff inside. In this case, I have no problems getting an RTR, but I'll still break it down and build to my liking.

So what's going to be Traxxas's next move...
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Originally Posted by inpuressa View Post
Yeah I understand that. RTR is more like a shotgun approach to the industry. It's probably better for business, but not really getting at the real problem.
What do you see as "the real problem?"
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I think RTR are a good starting point. My first RC was a RTR 3.3 Revo and my second a TMAXX RTR. They are good for a while, and then you start changing things and upgrading systems. Now my Revo uses a .26 Picco engine and the TMAXX got the 3.3 engine from the Revo. I finally bought my first kit and itīs a different way to go. It lets you know your RC deeply. I bought a Hpi Cup Racer, but if Traxxas offers something like that, I think I would buy one from them too.
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To get new racers in (because thats where they need to aim, not existing RC'ers), they'll need to get on the back of an existing fanbase.

The Slash is so popular, because its scale....and the whole exposure they get from full size SC racing. How many people running SCT at their local track weren't into RC 2/3 years ago?

What can they aim at for On-Road though?

Looking at the widest appeal, ALMS, Grand-Am or NASCAR in America, LMS, WTCC or WRC for most of the rest of the world or DTM/Super GT for Europe/Asia.

Make something that looks awesome from those catagories, and take it to the public.
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Default Slash RTR customer

Just found this thread. And I'm way out of my league here, but I'll add my one cents worth.

I am the result of the Traxxas Slash 2WD RTR. It immediately caught my attention being a newbie and actually not very adept at mechanical thingamajigs. From the first time I ran my Slash until today, it has been more than worth it. I've since bought an Xray M18 and two AE SC18s. The latter have been tricky to get right. The Xray takes some careful adjustments and was a little more involved since it's so small of a scale. You all probably know the issues with the SC18. Great truck, but it has some serious issues that have to be fixed out of the box.

All that set against the fact that I've never done anything custom to my Slash. it runs hard and fast in every condition I've thrown at it. I have videos in the dirt, rain, and snow. My wife even tells me that the Slash was the best RC I've bought.

Back to the topic. Not surprisingly, from the first few weeks I began racing, I was talking with my brother (who bought one right after I did once he saw how fun they were) about modifying it for on road. After all, it's not easy to find an official dirt race track. But hey, there are empty parking lots and culdesacs all over the place. Just put up a few makers or pylons and off you go.

My wish would be either a rally car conversion, or to see a new electric version of the 4-tec. Like I said, just my opinion. By the way, my son races the Slash right along with me. He's already set on buying his own with his allowance.
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