Tamiya Mini racing, silly race ideas to make it more funner. :P

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  • two steering servos with two receivers, one car. One radio can only steer left wheel, the other steer right side. Maybe even third receiver for throttle radio.
  • You can set up dots or small cones on maybe half the track and run slalom.
  • Tag.

    At some random point (or at the start of the race) someone is "it". Whoever is "it" must hit someone else to pass "it" on. Whoever is "it" at the end of the race will have to start at the end of the pack for the main, or docked a lap, or whatever penalty is deemed appropriate or hilarious
  • this one is lifted from Mario Kart...

    attach 3 balloons to the car, maybe one on each side and one on the rear. the object would be to pop the other's balloons. when all 3 of your balloons are popped you're out. last car with a balloon wins.

    the targets don't need to be balloons, maybe some dish washing sponges that can be velcro'd to the body as long as they can be knocked off on impact.
  • I like the shared driving duties concept, two people driving the same Mini, same radio or two separate radios on opposite sides of the track!

    I remember sharing a radio running Bud's cars indoors at American Raceway in NJ about a decade ago, single funniest disaster EVER.
  • teams roller derby could be fun if not to destructive . . .

    or maybe mount the bodies backwards and everyone drive in reverse . . . effectively looking like you are going forward, only everyone will be rear steering
  • 10 cars, make them look exactly the same (e.g. black). then have fun figuring out which car you "think" you are driving.

    it once happened to me in a real race. pileup first corner, i thought i got out of it. After 5 minutes of "driving" I later realized it was not my car I was focusing on the track. someone later found my car... stuck under a car in a parking lot (must have gone there after the pileup).
  • Black out all the widows...that way the driver can't see out!

    sorry, been along dry spell
  • build one like this and race http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZf2jjpfdOQ
  • Quote: have teams of two drivers. Take one mini and take another mini and duct tape it to the top of the other one, facing the same way. Then race them around like regular. When it flips, the other driver drives
    LOL!!! This one is my favourite!

    The track direction reversing idea is really funny too and so is the two cars connected with rope idea.
  • Coat the track with soapy water so it's slicker than snot on a doorknob.
  • The fastest guy drives the lowest qualifier's car, and vice - versa, for the entire grid (#1 qualifier drives #8 qualifier's car, #8 drives #1 qualifier's car, #2 drives #7, #7 drives #2, etc). This is really useful to show everyone that it usually isn't a horsepower issue as to why they're getting beat, it is a driving issue.

    Everyone has to flip their radio around and drive with the opposite hand.

    Everyone stands with their back to the track and has to drive while looking at the track with a mirror.

    No dedicated turn marshals. Must self marshal.

    Have to stand anywhere *except* the drivers stand and run the entire race from there.

    Have to drive with your dominant eye covered with a patch, Pirate style.

    Main is run in opposite direction from the qualifiers.

    No traction compound allowed.
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  • 6 hours race

  • Quote: No pants.
    We're doing that now... where have you been?