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  • On this was by far the best thread, with lots of info. Lets start it up again
  • I asked before and I never really got a response..Is the SST 99 Pro a good car? as in competitive against Pro 3s, XXX-S's etc? Thanks
  • Well im here, for a while anyway! I helped kick off the Schumacher thread on RCT.

    The SST99 is still a very fast car when set up right! The Axis and Axis 2 are a little easier to dial in but in the right hands, the 99 Pro can compete at a high level.

    You dont need the latest plastic, just be happy with what you have.
  • Oh, ok...anybody else?
  • The 99 pro is still a good car. As to whether it could be competetive with the newest cars then i doubt it. Although i suspect that it could with the addition of Axis 2 suspension parts - hubs and bulkheads in particular
  • Ok thanks
  • I know its not a TC, but anybody have any good info on the Cougar 2000 team car???
  • I would say that with my 99 Pro it is a good 3rd or 4th place car at our track. Somedays a little better and others not so good. But I think it is only about 25% car and 75% driver that puts you in the winners circle. The best car in the world can't make up for limited driving skills on the track.
  • ovalnator -what do you want to know??
  • Where I can get the press on drive hexes for the rear of the car
  • They can be replaced with the steel ones from the Fireblade EVO/Cat 3000, so they should be available from any model shop.
  • oh really?? I measured them and they are like 16 mm or something and press on and I figured the new ones would be like the touring car ones
  • Well I just wanted to activate my new account with RC TECH!!
  • Does Racer X know about this site? I saw him posting on Someone should let hime know..
  • If i see Racer X i tell him.

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