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  • I got my eye on the car, I cant lie. I'd like to talk to PW about some stuff, but I hate to bother him cause I know they are really busy right now.
  • Gary: The in line hubs will just give more of whateven end they are on (more steering in front, traction in rear). I would reccomend running inline front and back and not just on one end. Post or email me your current setup and tract type/conditions and we'll see what we can do to help...
  • David: Paul does come on here every now and then (as does Adrain) so you can post your questions here, or just go ahead and call. If Paul is busy, I'm sure that Adrain will be happy to help (he really knows what he's talking about, too).
  • Does anyone know what the final drive ratio is for the Axis 2? Trying to fine tune and I need the ratio so I can get the desired gearing.
  • The final ratio of the A2 is 2.0:1
  • Yep 2.00 , go here: for a handy dandy gear ratio calculator
  • Thanks guys
  • Racer X- Don't forget to bring those sticker's. Good luck today. From the looks outside it's going to be a cloudy day so the track temps are going to be very low later on tonight. Good thing I went out and bought a set of 22's.....LOL Also have you run any of the take off tire's on carpet? I'm just trying to get everything ready for next weekend. Instant traction and good mod racing and guys that I haven't seen since the Reedy race/nationals. It like waiting up to see Santa. I just hope that my motors get to me in time.
  • Hi All!

    The A2 Trans Gear Ratio is 2.00:1

    The Mission comes with layshaft gears for 1.8:1 and 2.12:1

    David-Call us anytime. We pride ourselves on being one of the most accessible R/C car companies. As RacerX said we are always visiting various message boards (especially this one) so you can post questions and get answers from Paul and I as well as very experienced racers like Cornerspeed, KevinK, Corey Bernardo and yes even RacerX!
  • FYI, Im trying eBay for the 1ts time. Former Team Driver Paul Lemieux's car is for sale!
  • AdrianM:

    I think you mean the A2 trans gear ratio is 2.0 That is 30 (diff gear) divided by 15 (pulley gear) = 2.0

    Is this not right or am I missing something here?
  • Yeah I meant 2.00:1. I swear that what I typed. I even proof read it! I'm editiing the post.
  • Adrian, hopefully you have better luck than I did ...I wasn't able to sell my spare Axis 2, been having better luck parting it out. I think people are holding off till the Mission comes out.
  • harsh? diffs?

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