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  • Quote: Did you tell her that your girlfriend with the 813 number is about 5'11" 185lbs and has man parts??????

    oh and plays with toy cars??????

    oh oh and is super duper man pretty

    I tried, but then she looked at my credit card statement and she saw all the charges all to the same place. so now she figures that Shumacher USA must be a strip club
  • we have been known to have the occasional "dance off" here in the shop
  • Quote: oh oh and is super duper man pretty

    You call this super duper man pretty??? LOL

    Poor Steve, poor poor Steve.... Someone should have warned him....

    j/k welcome man
  • LOL,See smoking's not bad for you,well maybe he's 25yrs old
  • Adam quit posting my senior picture!!!

    When are you coming down for a some oval interactions with Shawn and I?????
  • Adam...You still racing the JConcepts Clash this weekend?
  • nexus, I sent you an e-mail.
  • Adam's boss is too much of a meaniepants to let him off on Fri for the qualifiers!

    I'm gonna try and sneak out on Sunday to catch the A's. Top drivers on offroad blow me away to watch them. If anyone's remotely in the vicinity even for a day trip, this race is worth coming down for! Plus you get to see Paul "playing in the dirt!"
  • If you saw the shape of the car I was going to would do just that....RUN!
  • Shawn P. you have pm
  • I unfortunately will not be racing, but I will be there Saturday morning to hang out with you, Jason, Jimmy, BK and everyone else, which I'm really looking forward too.

    Quote: Adam...You still racing the JConcepts Clash this weekend?
  • Hi guys...We are having a special 540 meet and to get a 47 rollout I need a 75 spur...any ideas what will fit or can be adapted....any thoughts welcome
  • I have heard that with some massaging, the RW spurs (available through schumacher) will work on an Mi3. They make a 78t spur. I have not tried this so maybe someon who has can explain more . . .
  • Schumacher have a 70T for the Mi3, just look on the site.
  • does anybody happen to have a mi2 ec manual that they could either xerox or scan into their 'pter...i bought a used one but the guy never got the manual...if so please pm me....thanks

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