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Speedo 09-02-2001 07:55 PM

Sanyo 3000HV cells!
WOW! What do you think of these things? They are supposed to have more voltage than 2400s and more run time than powers! I'm getting some :D What do you think?


Kenneth Tan 09-02-2001 07:57 PM

It's gonna be expensive...

mike_Webb 09-02-2001 08:47 PM

I hope that the sactioning bodies do not approve these cells for use in competition. It is a bunch of BS that all these new cells are coming onto the market. Now we are going back to the Cells of the Week Club again. The Price of this hobby is getting crazy and a lot fo people are giving in and stopping racing because of it.

Kenneth Tan 09-02-2001 09:43 PM

Although I do admit that it is going to be expensive, this does not consitute to banning such cells. R/C companies (Like any other company) need new products to survive and gain advantages over other companies. If not they will only fizz out and go kaput!

Speedo 09-02-2001 09:56 PM

The battery market isn't moving fast enough that you have to buy new cells each week. Every 6 months I buy a new pack, and that becomes my pack for the main, all the other ones move down a notch and the one last on the list becomes a practice pack. It works for me. Also, depending on the condition of my packs, I may buy two every 6 months.

This way, I get a pack or two of the newest ones, but it doesn't hurt me as much when even better ones come out.


Simon K 09-02-2001 10:46 PM

I was waiting for this to happen, Good thing I did'nt buy 6 packs of NiMH cells(Only 2)
I assume the HV's will be priced around the same as SMH's? If less, they will sell squillions.

drfritz 09-03-2001 12:00 AM

Re: Sanyo 3000HV cells!
mmmmmmmmmm so when are these killer cells going to be out?
you know gas is sounding like it will be the way to go,this battery motor of the week thing is getting just a little out of hand.
looks like i'll be racing a gas yokomo next year.

sleek the elite 09-03-2001 07:03 AM

I don't know if they will cost as much as the smhs. They probably will at first due to supply/demand, but the thing about Sanyo is supply is not controlled by one company like Panasonics. The Top cells of thte bunch will obviously always cost a packet. This could cause the price of panasonics to coe down if they are as good as the smhs as is indicated by the graph on the team orion website.

Corse-R 09-03-2001 07:05 AM

Re: Sanyo 3000HV cells!

Originally posted by Speedo
WOW! What do you think of these things? They are supposed to have more voltage than 2400s and more run time than powers! I'm getting some :D What do you think?
Ummm, some stinks me that Sanyo was pushed to do 'something better' than the RC3000, but, not 8 months after the launch of the SMH cell and the Powers Cell.

One word of caution about these 'killer' cells. How about the durability? By the moment I stick with my Reedy SMH.

Speedo 09-03-2001 12:20 PM

We'll just have to find out! Sanyo cells tend to be more durable than panasonics as a rule...

Corse-R 09-03-2001 01:11 PM

Originally posted by Speedo
We'll just have to find out! Sanyo cells tend to be more durable than panasonics as a rule...
Um, maybe, for the sake of my budget and my nerves, I let that others test the product and if it's really better than my Reedy SMH, then, maybe the next year I'll buy some packs.

All my Reedy SMH packs are 1.128 or better and 361 or better. Very good packs.

Speedo 09-03-2001 03:55 PM

I'm not saying the SMHs are bad. I was going to get some till I heard about these, but I may still get some SMH batts.

Darkseid 09-03-2001 07:00 PM

Speedo: I know what your saying about the Panasonic cells. I still know people who refuse to buy Panasonic batteries after some of the crappy packs that came out when 1700 were all the rage. I have yet to hear ANYTHING bad about Panasonic's 3000 packs or the SMH. But, history is history, and you can't change it. Some of their cells back then weren't that good. But, it seems that they are doing well to make people forget those days.

As far as the pack of the week and motor of the week issues. Anybody who thinks it hasn't had an effect on the hobby is fooling themselves. The numbers of electric drivers are dropping rapidly. Some of our best drivers at our local track have switched to nitro simply because its more stable. Do you have tohave the latest battery or latest stock motor, NO, but everybody likes to feel that they are up on the times and current with their equipment. Its just not fun to buy a brand new pack or motor and find out that 2 months from now, the SAME company that you bought the stuff from will have something else that is better than what you just bought!

But, hey thats business. Like it or not!:flaming:

Speedo 09-03-2001 07:57 PM

Darkside, I agree with you that I haven't heard anything bad about the SMHs, but I have heard alot of bad things about the original 3000s. Alot of people had the same trouble as me.

Look down the thread, i just buy one or two new batteries every 6 months. That way I always have the best current battery for the main.


sleek the elite 09-04-2001 12:10 AM

Well, I am hoping that the Hv's are very similar to the smh's, maybe one being slightly better than the other but nothing that would really make a difference until you get to world level, and that there is more variance from batch to batch rather than brand to brand. It would be good if they were durable like the smhs seem to be as well. This would mean that, as I said above, there would be some price competition at last. One thing that does not bode well for this scenario is the voltage on the labels of the orion Hv cells. I am not too familiar with 30 amp labels, and orion might have different matching techniques, but if 1.128 is good for smhs (corse-r) then 1.152 (orion label) sounds alot better, of course, it depends on IR as well.

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