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  • I know there are only few 150mm micro bodies, but which body is the best amount of avaliable bodies?
  • BMW
  • Are you asking which is the best 150mm body for racing, Aku-Man? If so, then I'd recommend the HPI Corvette, & I also like ProLine's Ferrari F360 Modena(work fine with the HPI molded wing on it).....
  • Quote:
    Are you asking which is the best 150mm body for racing, Aku-Man?
    Yes, I'm asking for racing.
  • I think Corvette is the best avb body for racing.
  • Quote:
    really, I see many guys flip over their car under heavy corning turn. Most of them using BMW body.
  • But Corvette is damn ugly for real car and rc. To me.
  • Well the Bimmers did handle pretty well here locally. They are in my opinion better for tight turns compare to Corvettes that is better for open track. Its a matter of how the driver drive and how the setup matched the track.
  • All of the 150MM RAD bodies are very good handling. Look them up at http://www.microrcshop.com. I used the DTM.
  • How about PTI Nissan R390?
  • 150 mm bodies
    ARM's Toyota and Porsche GT bodies are the best for racing... imho.

  • I like that toyota GT. Who have it in stock?
  • www.atlashobbies.com has a good selection.
  • But the toyota gt is a 140mm body guys. U are forgetting. How about tryin the Nissan Skyline? That's wat i use.
  • The Skyline's ok, but it's not as wide as I'd like. That's what my first micro came with, & while it was decent, I still think that the 'Vette handles better. And as I said, I've also been using the Ferrari 360 Modena shell that came with my new XRay M-18, & I really like that one too(but since it's on a different chassis, it's hard to make a direct comparison).......

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