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Adrian, yeah get the V blocks and as Forty6 said, unless your doing sealed endbells you do not really need the multipack. Instead get the Kick A$$ Hudy lathe box for it... It is sooo sweet
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i have a dremel and a full bit set, with a diamond bit set too, so there, lol. I also have access to a metal lathe, and a wood lathe every day, so i'm in no problem there. I want a motor lathe . Whats the cheepest one out there, i'm hoping in the 50-100 dollar range, just to get the job done better than hand sanding with 600 grit sandpaper(desprit times)
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PRo3.. if your budget constrained, I would go with the Integy Xmod, if money is no object.... Hudy

The Xmod2 comes with carbide vblocks ( good deal )
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Twister. The 1st and still the best in my opinion. Hard to find them but if you do you won't be disappointed.
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Originally posted by forty6
Not Tim, but save yourself a few bucks and get the Hudy Tech. The Multipack comes with the attachment for cutting older "sealed" stock motor cans. If you still run those, then go ahead. Just my .02.

Actually, over here we sometimes still run handout stock motors. So having the multipack has some advantages to it.
I know the Hudy Tech Lathe is a much more affordable and yet better looking comm lathe.

But if can chose between the BBG and the HSG comm lathe by Hudy, would the HSG perform better then the BBG comm lathe?

Would appreciate for any advice.
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I would go with the hardened steel guide over the bb. They last very long, no maintenance, and no moving parts. Metal shavings can get to the bb sometimes. But then again, that is just me.
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Originally posted by TimPotter
I like the Hudy Tech lathe, it uses a pully system, and the drive motor is isolated ( not directly turning the pully that turns the arm ). It was a respectable price and cuts awesome. I have had a Xipp, a Twister and the Hudy. I like it the Hudy the best. Also have used a Fantom and Reedy. I must say I like the Reedy more then Fantom, but the Fantom is a work of art.
Where can a guy get the REEDY Lathe? any info or pics or something please..
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Dunno if you still can, A freind of mine has one, or I am told it is one.. I will try to snap a pic
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I have the Xipp lathe and it works awesome for me. No matter what lathe you have, if it is not set up properly you won't be happy. Stay away from the BB guides. Also, save yourself some money and just get the carbide bit. It cuts better anyway. And when you screw it up (Because you will) it's alot cheaper to replace then the diamond bit.
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i totally disagree about not getting a diamond bit.

when you first get a lathe you are better off getting a carbide bit but after you've got used to it then switch to a diamond for 2 reasons

1. it will last a lot longer
2. the finish is better on a diamond because diamond is harder than carbide and therefore produces a smoother finish.

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Default Orion Lathe

I have the Orion lathe and like it more than any other lathe I have used.........the hudy is nice but it is hard to get your hands in to mess with the o-rings, plus the Orion has many adjustments like a plastic screw to hold the arm where you want it instead of a pinion.
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Default Eagle

I use an eagle lathe, I think its one of the cheapest but does not lack quality! Its around alittle more than 100$.

I'm happy with it, its performance that is, not the color---PURPLE!
hehehehehe. . . . it looks like this:

Peace and Happy Racing!
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I have the trinity tru lathe 3 pro and I use the bb blocks but also have the option to use the v blocks. It cuts great and very true. Only thing is when the bearings go I know it will be hard to find them.
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lem2: did your eagle lathe come with the 55 turn motor? do you need a 4-cell pack to run it or can you run it directly off a 12V power supply? also, would you know if the 55 turn motor is available separately? thanks in advance
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Sorry if I hijack this post, but...

What is the difference between a mod motor lathe and stock motor lathe? I just started carpet racing this winter and have been a nitro offroad guy. I want to race 19t mod this summer with my T4 and want to get a lathe that will cut that and do my stock motor that we run in carpet.

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