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speedxl 02-09-2004 10:10 AM

new tc4 being worked on!
yes guys the new associated touring car is in the works i dont know when it will be out but i was told it will be diffenitlly a drive shaft car!

TPhalen 02-09-2004 11:07 AM


And you heard this where?

speedxl 02-09-2004 11:54 AM

at the snow birds from someone inside associated!

Hebiki 02-09-2004 12:12 PM

Interesting that TPhalen doesnt know :weird: even though in his sig it says Team Associated R&D.

doesnt R&D stand for Research and Development? :lol:

TPhalen 02-09-2004 12:15 PM

Yes, it does....

So, I guess I would know if we were working on one, correct? And since I DON'T know about one....well, let's put 2 and 2 together....

StephenSobottka 02-09-2004 12:18 PM

lol that really funny, seeing as how the tc3 is still winning races ne ways

speedxl 02-09-2004 12:19 PM

i guess you are calling one of your co workers a lier and as typicall associated fashion they are denying the fact pluss how do i know you are in the r&d department !

Bubblestc3 02-09-2004 12:21 PM

Oh, oh, my turn...

I saw the RC10B6 racing yesterday, but shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

(just a joke, please do not take me seriously... no one ever does. :lol: :lol: :lol: )

RCGaryK 02-09-2004 12:24 PM

Speed, trust me, Tony works for Associated, in the R&D Department.

Bubblestc3 02-09-2004 12:27 PM

Originally posted by speedxl
how do i know you are in the r&d department !
Yeah, Tony, how do we all know that you are in the R&D department???


(he really is... I think) :lol:

speedxl 02-09-2004 12:32 PM

hey all of you remember when they said they werent working on a 12l4 well i guess the car sitting there at thier display table wasnt a 12l4 a four cell car.

also the same guys that said the 19t four mag motor didnt exist!
well i guess they are correct i guess the new nitro tc3 with the clucth and rear supension changes wasnt sitting on the table.
oah i guess they dont want the public to know because then they wouldnt want to sit on all those tc3s sitting in the warehouse, its ok tony we all understand .
you need to sell whats in stock first before you introduce the new car.

deny all you want bro i know its being worked on because the person that told me is very reliable and with the track record you got denying things i'll believe him!

robk 02-09-2004 12:40 PM

Associated always denies they have anything until it is out because of the TC3 fiasco. Ala B4. When the new touring car is run at the carpet nats we can all have a good laugh together.

speedxl 02-09-2004 12:46 PM

robk i hear ya. i'll be there with a corona and a smile!

Bubblestc3 02-09-2004 12:51 PM

This thread got over 200 views in less than 20min!

Oh, I found this too...

click here

speedxl 02-09-2004 12:56 PM

ok so he drives for associated! doesnt mean that they give all there guys the new stuff to drive. you know he's not baker or pavidus! the real drivers!

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