Pro 10: 235mm Le Mans Prototype Pan Car Discussion

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  • Do you have some pictures of that car? I would like to see it...

  • both his image and a pic of mine are here somewhere on the forums.. search max10
  • it actually has a new top pod plate for easier motor access..
  • Looks good!!!

    Is this based on a RC10L2? If you want to sell it, let me know
  • yea its basically a 10l2.5.. wider battery slots and 3 shocks.. i may let it go some day, but i'm not ready quite yet..
  • hey joost, the top podplate for the three way conversion you have seen on my RC10L2.5 is the newer topplate and is from the same designer as the above car.
  • @tallyrc: Okay man, I understand...

    @Alexander: I already thought that. I recognized the chassis from your pictures...
  • jason to bad we both dont live closer to kissimmee,i have 2 10l's
  • when i was living in asheville, nc for a few years i brought mine out and within weeks all 5 members of my tiny club owned them.. as much fun as you can have with your clothes on i tell ya..
  • Pro 10 modified group.

    + YouTube Video
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    + YouTube Video
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  • Quote: Pro 10 modified group.

    Nice movies!

    I want be there!
  • just picked up one RC10L2 from the forum, never run before.
    i have lots of 3s2200mah lipo from flying, wanting to try it out on my L2.
    on board the 10L2;

    -Hobbywing 5.5T with 60a esc
    -Gear ratio 108/20 5.4:1
    -Tire 63mm
    -lipo 3s2p 4400mah.

    Will this set up smoke the esc or thermal cut the motor ???? Is it possible to run 3s on 5.5T?

    any input is greatly appreaciated.


    Pro 10: 235mm Le Mans Prototype Pan Car Discussion-10l.jpg  

  • your rollout seems to be ok with a 5.5t but the question is how big is the track?... Second, don't use 64dp spurs and pinions.. they will strip easily.... use 48dp. Does the pod run free? The motor wires seem to be quite big, that could couse some problems with the pods movement if you are not carefull.

    If this is your first pancar than the speed will be more then enough. The question is, can you get the right car setup for the specific track to be able to get that power to the ground and through the corners.
  • Thanks Phil

    To explain that picture... that was the pro10 class during our national race today.

    Too bad my brushed esc was short circuit due to water that got inside the balloon. I only needed 1 lap to finish third place total....... my esc fried during the 2 practise laps just before the start... DOH!