TC3 or XXXS?

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Default TC3 or XXXS?

Hey all you Onroad Guru's, i need some help. I con't decide whether to Try out onroad or go to Gas offroad. I'm considering Onroad because I like electric.... But hey if I do, which would be a better choice? RC10TC3 or XXXS? I'm leaning towards the TC3 because of the ease of getting parts for me(LHS is hobby people, as you know doesnt carry losi). I was looking at the TC3 Racer kit i believe it's called on hobby people? I'm very interested in a kit, so please help me out also with other things, like durability, direction quality, and suggest electronics for it please! (I'm sticking to my trusty Aitronics Blazer, no fancy Tx's, im not a racer )

Thanks Guys I really appreciate your time!
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Factory Team TC3. It comes with all the good stuff in it.
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could you gimme some details on why the tc3?
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There is a bunch of stuff in the archive that you can look up. Basically will come down to which car has more support in your area.
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There is a bunch of stuff in the archive that you can look up. Basically will come down to which car has more support in your area.
Agree with U James..
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by the way I am a N00B to Onroad, i dunno if there's much of a difference, but just saying
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Yeah, if you have better parts support for the TC3, get the tac.

If parts availability isn't a concern to you, get whichever one you think looks coolest.

You mentioned that you'd go for the TC3 racer, so you'd probably go for the standard XXX-S if you went that way, and the TC3 might be a little cheaper there. You'll save money in the long run if you go with the FT TC3, or the Graphite edition of the Losi, but like you said you won't be racing, so some parts on the racer may actually work better for you. They will be cheaper to replace, and the bearings for instance will be better sealed than the ones that come with the Team and FT editions.
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Race on carpet and switched a couple months ago from a Losi XXX-S G+ to a Factory Team TC3, and would not go back to Losi myself.

For me the TC3 is faster around the track and easier to work on also. Only draw back I find is on the rack steering on TC3 maybe just my clubs carpet as have to clean it out a fair bit as binds up with crap.

If you decide you want a Losi could sell my used Losi XXX-S G+ in good shape PM me if interested.
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I too am on the fence. This is my 1st post to the forum guys, I trust you'll steer me in the right direction.
I have a brand new TC3 Racer kit and a XXXS Sport. I need to decide which to use and learn to race with. Which of the two do you guys feel is better suited to a beginner who will race on carpet?

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I have both cars.

The TC3 has better acceleration, less top speed, less steering and is not as smooth.

The factory wheel nuts are trash, they fall off (replace with trinity low-pro nuts).
The steering blocks need to be replaced with XXX-S blocks (the AE block strip way to easy and the losi blocks give more steering)
Get the BRP front bumper when starting out, it will save you alot of A-Arms.
Drill a hole in the front body mounts just above the foam bumper and use an extra long blody clip, it will hold the foam down and protect the car more.
AE shocks are a PITA to get exactly even .
Replace servo saver spring with a B2 slipper spring.
With FT kit you still need to buy a body.

More top speed, less acceleration, more steering. Much smoother throttle response and overall smoother and easier to drive.

Kit foam is a joke.
Kit tires are worthless (at my track)
Comes with a great body
Droop screws are useless, droop must be set with internal shock limiters
Trinity shock collars are needed.
Its Heavy
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pretty much agree with everything said by CGR, except for 2 things.

you don't need trinity wheelnuts for the TC3, try putting the stock ones on backwards (it will seem hard to get them on at first but then it gets a bit easier). this means that the nylon section is actually on the cvd bone and is gripping properly

I think the kit losi tires are decent on carpet, could be wrong though
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Either one is a great car. Really can't go wrong with either one. I have had both and like both as well. I currently run the TC3. IF you have part support then I would just chose the one you like better. I'm sure at your track alot of guys run both.
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The best answer is to run what most of the local racers run. You will have better parts support as well as setup support. If you run a car that other racers don't know, you will have trouble getting help if you have questions.

In the hands of average drivers, the TC3 tends to be more competetive. I have seen many local drivers running the Losi and then improve dramatically when they switch to the TC3. The TC3 seems to be more forgiving to various driving styles. The Losi needs to be driven smoothly to be fast.

If you choose the TC3, get either the BRP front bumper or the RPM front bumper. I prefer the RPM. It is a direct replacement for the stock bumper where the BRP goes on top of the stock bumper. The RPM seems to do a little better job of protecting the car without breaking itself. BRP also makes nerf wings to help protect the rear a-arms. This is another good investment.

The wheel nuts are another good one. Either use the stock ones backward or go to the low profile ones. If you don't, you WILL lose a wheel at some point.

The Losi steering knuckles do fit the TC3, but are not exactly the same in their geometry to the TC3 parts. I have found that if you use a 4-40 tap on the TC3 knuckles and don't crank the screws in, they don't strip very often. The best trick to avoid stripping them is to check the bottom screw often. If it is tight, there is much less chance of stripping it out.
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i like the tc3 i am a ae guy

but recently i has been all about shaft cars the new SD, Baracuda, EVO, ect these are all the leading competitors but the tc3 has a advantege beacuse you can find parts for it at any hobby shop.

it's all about the TC3

if you want to see its features go here
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