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Originally Posted by RCbasher01 View Post
Thanks for all the input!

towards the Mamba Max ESC with a Mamba max 7700kv motor, and 2 2cell lipos. Line them together you get a 4cell, but for everyday bash, I will only run 2 cell.

My guess is that I will make it run faster then 60mph... That is my main goal! ROFL

I dont want a competitive car that is just a money pot, I want a economic backyard basher that LOVES INSANE SPEED! XD

Am I right about the speed estimate?
1/8th NITRO ON ROAD cars with $2000 of equipment invested, running on a fully prep on road race track can shoot around 60mph (proved by speed gun all the time). So, your 60 mph is ALOT more realiztic then the previously mentioned 100 mph...

Forget about the 100mph goal unless you are well sponcored by others to make you a full custom TC3, if you think dropping some 2.5 motor and 5 cells lipo will do 100mph...it will only spin around on the track without even going straight line (like a drunk driver).

60 mph are very easily DONE by alot of current 1/8th buggy BRUSHLESS conversion...the reason they can do it is because the WEIGHT of the car. You can always get faster motor, 6S lipo and MMM...it is the car (in your case, TC3) is just too light to handle those POWER...tire are not wide enough to keep the power DOWN onto the ground. Imagine you drop a F1 engine on a Honda Civic, with 1000 HP, it will ONLY rip the whole chassis apart and create a big firework show....

RCCA did a 100 mph run on a HPI Super Nitro and it was like good 6 years with HEAVILY MODIFIED thru out the whole car...running at a airport runway and barely made the 100mph mark...your TC3 is NOT a good car or good scale to do that kinda run. Period...

If you just want to drop something directly onto a TC3 and run 60mph...go get the fastest Mamba system for 1/10th, make sure they can take 4 or even higher cells LIPO...then run it, I am sure it will hit 60 mph very easily. Just don't expect the car can turn at all...I am more worry about it would even stay straight thru out the whole run.
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Why do you need to go 100 mph anyways?
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I think it is a good idea to approach your goal of getting a TC3 up to 100mph realistically. I'm glad to hear that you will be running on a "closed course".

My personally experience showed me that a heavier TC3 worked better at high speeds. The heavier the car, the less likely the chance for a blow over. I had that happen, and I was lucky that I didn't sever the antennae wire while the car was sliding for 50ft on its roof. But if you run a heavier car, you will have to change the shocks/springs/dampening to compensate for the extra weight so that the car doesn't bottom out.

What you will find is that getting to 50mph is realitively easy. About any 4wd TC can reach that speed with a good battery and fast motor. But as you continue to increase speed from there, little things start to matter. Here are some examples:

- Thickness of the body. A thin body will start to deform at extreme speeds. You may have to switch to a thicker body to compensate. You might also want to add a body mount in the center of the hood as bracing.
- Wheel openings can create drag. Too large of a wheel opening can create unwanted drag. Worse still, too small of a wheel opening can rub/catch a tire. At high speeds, if the wheel grabs the body the car usually will flip. You can opt for no wheel openings (or at least none in the rear).
- Unbelted tires or poorly glued tires can balloon up and rub the inside of the body. You may have to buy new tires that can handle high speeds to compensate. You may need a few extra tires in the event you have a blow-out.
- Unbalanced tires will create vibrations at high speeds and have an adverse affect on the suspension. You will probably want to buy a cheap prop balance and wheel weights to balance the tires.

Just from these few examples you may need to buy a new body & paint, wheels/tires, misc. items for the body & wheels, springs, shock oil, etc... Just these few items can cost $100+, and we haven't taken the car on 1 run yet.

Don't let any of us stop you from achieving your goal. However I would recommend that you start by setting lower speed goals first and working out the bugs at each stage. This is no different that what full scale speed record challengers do. If you approach your goal this way, then you can determine at the end of each stage if it is realistic (financially/technically) to continue.

Good luck on achieving your goal and please post your results.
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Thank you for that info Indy

I actually have a Tamiya body don't know how thick, but on a drifting forum they said it is one of the thickest.
I also have foams, and dish rims. All glued up EXTREMELY TIGHT with superglue.
I tried ripping them off with a hobby knife, but I would have had to cut the foam off completely all around (like pealing an apple).

I also have all types of shock oils... dont know how many though... XD

Im getting a new 2.4 Radio System in a few months... When It gets to the hobby shop...

I want to get a BL setup...

Wonderin if a MMM esc and a 7700kv will work with a 5cell...

Also, I will program the ESC to run at less aggressive state at first, to get used to the speed.
So dont worry about the too much speed, I just need info about the setup of the BL... as to what is the most high powered at about 300$
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I ran a 4WD buggy at 76 MPH with a 3S MM 7700. Should be able to hit that easily in a sedan.
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+ YouTube Video
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what other cars can handle high speeds like this?
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