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Zero Degree 19 Turn vs. STOCK...

Zero Degree 19 Turn vs. STOCK...

Old 01-09-2004, 09:20 AM
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Default Zero Degree 19 Turn vs. STOCK...

Does anyone around here race or have knowlege of people running 19 turn motors set to Zero degrees of timing on road courses?

If so, can you help me out by giving me information about how much of a differance you might typicaly see between track records with "STOCK" racing vs. what kind of track records people set with 19 turn motors with Zero degree timing?

FYI... in 4 cell oval racing it seems that 19 turn Zero degree track records are typicaly 5 laps faster then a track record for 4 cell stock racing. This is with say 54 laps for a Stock track record, and like 59 with a 19 turn zero degree motor.
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Old 01-09-2004, 09:28 AM
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I beleive most 19T motors have fixed timing. I am not exactly sure what degree they are set too, but i think it is more than 0. Stock is a 27 T motor, and 19 is a 19 turn, so it is much quicker, and the rules are pretty much the same for stock and 19T. By using a 19 T you have limits on what can be done, and things are sort of fair between everyone. Just as in stock racing, it is basically the same thing except with a quckier motor.

And for the track record, the 19t is much quicker than a stock motor. So obviously laps times will be quicker, and more laps will be turned. I hope i understood your question that you asked, or were you asking is a 19t motor with zero degrees of timing, quciker than a 19t with more timing? Well most do not have adjustable timing so where they are set at is where they are run.
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Old 01-09-2004, 09:42 AM
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I guess Oval and Road course are just worlds apart... in that in Oval, the most common 19 turn motor has adjustable timing. A group called ARCOR sort of lead the way to this type of motor, but ROAR to some extent also has adopted it...

ARCOR in perticular has at least two differnt types of uses for the 19 turn motors they aprove. There is what they call 19 turn 'limited' and 19 turn 'open'... Limited requires the racers to set the motor's timing to 'Zero' degrees, open allows timing to be advanced up to 36 degrees...

THen there is what seems to be the 19 turn motor of choice for road course, where it seems it's 19 turn, 24 degree fixed timing, and typicaly has laydown brushes...

Anyway... what I really want is information about people who may be running ARCOR style motors that are limited to Zero degrees timing... Information about 19 turn 'spec' or 24 degree fixed timing isn't of much interest to me at this time... I'm trying to understand some things related to dyno data and on track proformance.

In Oval, there typiacly might be 2 to 4% percent differance in track times between a motor 19 degree motor with Zero degrees of timing, vs. one with 36 degrees of timing.... yet there is around 9% differance between a Zero degree and 'stock'... I really would like to know how much differance there is on a typical road course...
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Old 01-09-2004, 09:50 AM
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I beleive that in oval, the closer the coner speed is to that of the straight away speed, the smaller the differance will be between Zero degree and 36 degree 19 turn motors.

I suspect that the differance between track times with a Stock road course racer, and a Zero degree 19 turn road course racer is smaller then it is with Oval... for a variitey of reasons, but primarly because I beleive increasing timing allows a motor to run better over a wider RPM range... Thus I beleive a 24 degree stocker, probably is not at nearly as much of a disadvantage if/when facing a 19 turn set to zero degrees of timing... But this is what I want data for... to suport my theory... or disprove it I guess...
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Old 01-09-2004, 10:39 AM
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From what I hear, the 19t zero timing motors are great. With a stand up brush and zero timing they just don't wear out. I understand they will easily run several days of racing with no power loss.

I have never run one so I am only speaking from "what I hear" from other races and oval threads.

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