DF-03RA WRC wip

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  • If you intend to jump with that car I think it would be a good idea to bump the body up higher a bit otherwise I don't see the front spoiler lasting too long.
  • DONE 8)
    all wired-up, 3 packs later clean again

  • finally building mine up tonight, will post pics and tips
  • are you guys using the kit supplied 90wt oil? I put 45 in all 4.
    how does it feel with the 90? I know tamiya Always does their homework on set-up. I did not notice the weight until I looked at the bottle and then checked the manual. all 4 were already built . Thanks, fat
  • here it is The 45 did not work well so i put 80wt and much better now.
    The brushless set up below will not fit in the car with out modding the chassis or sticking the speedo wayy up high. I am using a dark impact body as a inner body so i have to keep the electronics low in the chassis.
    enjoy I will update on the driving/jumping when the rain lets up at my local track
  • putting hpi pirelli T s compound tires on all 4. will update later