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REVIEW: CowRC Aerosols Pack Review! :] >

REVIEW: CowRC Aerosols Pack Review! :]

REVIEW: CowRC Aerosols Pack Review! :]


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Default REVIEW: CowRC Aerosols Pack Review! :]


Well, I received the lot, the Degreaser/Moo-Tor, the Duster, and the Silicon Protector/Bearing Lube (Moo-Slick). Heath got me these, quick, and fast. Even with a tracking number from USPS! Well, a LATE delivery confirmation technically.
Anyways, on with the review.

Jee, you can't really go wrong, but you have to ship these aerosols via Ground, I believe... Packing was nice and tight..... No problem with anything moving around, no issues with damaged box etc...

What's the Point?
Well, I know, just aerosol, so what.

Cow Duster - Well, the REAL significance I noticed with the duster is that it's so damn powerful, and COLD!
I was using the Degreaser, then the duster to clean some stuff on the E-Savage, which is VERY dirty in the drive line area, and quite frankly, I didn't feel like taking anything apart that day, so I just sprayed some of the Degreaser stuff, then hit it with the Duster. Jeeeeezus, it looked like the Duster FROZE the Degreaser, and then went away later. My mouth was just hanging open, I just couldn't believe it. I tried this with my 100PSI (I think? It's a REAL old compressor..:neutral, and usually has enough air to pretty much blow away any water, so there's none left (useful for after cleaning after a wet bash), and it couldn't even show anything like the Duster.. The Duster is STRONG. When I used it for about 10seconds continuously, it started getting cold, the can that is. I used my little DuraTrax Temperature Gauge, and it showed 55.7F, which is a first. I double checked with my hand, which is around 90.. As the gauge shows. Dang, this is just so cool! Time to order some more huh? So what's the advantage over a regular air compressor? Well, it's small, and it's a lot more portable! :yes:Plus, it's probably more powerful, then a standard one, like mine, and a LOT colder air! It's almost like Dry Ice when it smokes up!

Degreaser - This is mainly used to clean out the crap on your plastic parts, without rubbing them with a wet napkin, or whatever you use to clean. It's not 100% dirt away, but it's at least 80%... A few times, and it should be gone for awhile. Plus, there is no film left behind, after you blast it with the Duster. The degreaser can be used to remove oil, grease, dirt, grime, and most other sticky, gooey... crap... This also doubles as Moo-Tor, which is below. I don't think anything else, is in a can, and can clean this well, this quick..

Moo-Tor - This is the motor stuff that you spray down your motors, brushed only I presume, to get all the junk out.
This beats the old fashioned water trick.. You can do this at the beginning, or the middle life of your motor, and it won't care. The Moo-Tor really kicks out the crap that builds up in your motors that degrade it overtime, and you lose performance because of this. Now I know most of you are like, what the heck do I need this for, I only run brushless, well, some people still run brushed in some of their cars/trucks, and you could use this as a degreaser instead, if you don't have any brushed motors at ALL.

But in my case, I run brushed, as money doesn't allow for those neat brushless systems.. :no:, and so, I did this test on a ancient, dirty (I think? :neutral Titan 12T motor by Traxxas, as these motors are hit or miss. When I first used it, it was quick, and powerful. Then over time, I noticed it dropping its speed, so I picked up a NIP motor for when this one died. But it never did, its runtime began coming down very fast, to nearly 6 minutes until it started heating up a low, which is because most of the time the motor gets so clogged with dirt, the motor has to work a lot harder. Well, it was time for the Moo-Tor to kick the dirts butt out of my motor! And so, I was off. When I performed the task, it was not only simple, but kind of fun, to kind of see where most of the dirt built up, and seeing the dirty water collect in the disposable foam cup. When I took it out to run it again, I had remembered I needed to re-break it in, so I took it on my table, got the wheels off, and started going at it, at 5%, then 20%, then 25%, then 50%, then 75%, 85% then 100% throttle, one step at a time, about 20 seconds each step. It took awhile, and I could already hear the high RPM's the motor was reaching at only about 70%. I began growing too excited, so I started to count up to 10 seconds after 70%. The percentage was easy to do with my Spektrum DX3R, which lets you limit how much percentage you want the throttle to go at... I doubt you could do this on an ordinary TX/RX, without the computing and other shenanigans. Or would at least be very hard to. When I took it out again, I noticed that the motor was a LOT quicker, and a LOT cooler when I took it in, then before the cleaning. I also noticed that the speed increased, by only a bit, as it's a bit hard to tell by the video, but when you see it in real life, you can definitely see how much quicker it is, then before. Also, if you don't believe me, look at how many times I flipped, and I rarely flip the Evader, as the suspension is so close to the ground when I take it out (I have it set up for high as a shelf queen, but low when I run it, as I only run it on the street), that it RARELY flips. I also noticed that I started racking up on those stripped idlers, and now I need a aluminum idler... h: So I'm definitely digging CowRC's products!

Moo-Slick - So basically, Moo-Slick is a bearing lube. It helps the bearing last longer, and run more.... quicker? Efficent-er? I think this is the case with any lube. It reduces friction. But this Moo-Slick, isn't confined only for RC bearings, I've used it on my Sector 9 Greaseballs (Skating Bearings) on my shortboard wheels, on my regular sized board, and it works wonders. Now, what's the difference between the regular Trinity, or any stuff? Well, instead of the little drop, where you have to drop a spec of the oil, then rub it into the bearing, this one has some punch, so you just put a bunch of bearings on a towel at once, and go at it, where-as the Trinity oil stuff, you'll have to go 1 by 1, and it'd take ages...... Really..

Gah, I'm at a lost for categories here! It's kind of hard to do a review solely based on aerosols and whatnot.

So, I'll just cut to the pictures and videos.

The Physical Can and Packaging

Packaging of All Cans:

Cow Duster:



Doing What They Do Best:

Cow Duster:

Testing to Make Sure My Gauge Works...

And the can temperature.. Remember, this is OUTSIDE the can, imagine how cold it would be if the gauge measured the mist of air.. :whistle:

55.7F !!! That's pretty cold.... (About 13.17C)



Before Cleaning:

During Cleaning:

After Cleaning:
Only one, because I had totally forgotten.

Before: (You can hardly see the dirt)


No after pictures, as it'd be too small to see anyways.


Anyways, here is the YouTube video for the Moo-Tor.
I didn't bother uploading music with it, as the stupid copyright thing.

Wow, it ended up being already uploaded, but didn't finish the bar, great...

CowRC's products may be a bit expensive, but they're worth it in every way.
You can even see some of the smoke coming off the plastics when I use the duster on them.
It's quite amazing, and gives it that "cool" factor, when you use it.
I'm satisfied with my products in every way, and will definitely get some more when the money allows.

Justin Hoang

PS: If you need anything, just reply to the thread with what you want along with the review, and I'll try and get it for ya!


Check for Part 2 under this post.
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Part #2

Also, I just noticed these new "part catcher" mats on Heath's new site, thought they'd be interesting to share.




Mini-Mat for XRay M18
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