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  • is it possible to use tc3 hex's on a losi street weapon
  • I just got my first tc, its a tc3. Im running a stang body.
  • kool, what TC3 kit ya got racer,team,FT?
  • its the racer kit bone stock, would making it look like this pic a good idea

  • how long to soak bearings?
    how long do u guyz soak yur bearings in motor cleaner are watever u use to clean them in? and wat do u do afterwards?ny help well appreciated

    Steven Alexander
  • 45 min or so
  • naaaa dude thats just the FT kit if ya gonna blue up ya TC3 do it properly, this is how far i got so far. Im very tempted to get the Blue BMI conversion to finish it off took me all year to get the parts this is about as much as i can get in the UK and it was a bog standard racer kit! And it has made a improvement in the way it handles it feels alot stiffer and i can get more grip out of it than my mate who has the team kit no mods added so it does improve it. what u cant see are the ally lightweight diffs or driveshafts. and the blue tape is to stop the LRP V7.1 from cummin out double sided tape is crap!

  • How much weight did those arms add???
  • tc3
    Paz-is your car over weight?were did u get the shaft from/how much?its sweet!
  • Ok... Weird.... I decided to put the car up on 4 scales.... Going to give approximate numbers here, but with the ride height set....

    LR - 500 grams
    RR - 135 grams

    LF - 500 grams
    RF - 135 grams

    Opposite wheels on opposite sides of the car are carrying the bulk of the weight.....
  • the parts i want r these:
    battery hold down
    center drive shaft
    screw set
  • Heres the body im using right now!

  • ...and heres the chassis

  • That Mustang body handles horribly.... I have one for my NTC3 for parking lot bashing and it likes to play airplane.....
  • not much actually onlty a couple of grams if that, but for the extra strength its worth it.

    All of the parts i got on it came from

    the battery strap is IRS 21 i think (uk)
    Centre shaft is Fastrax and 14.99 (uk)
    screw set is the TC3 Factory team upgrade
    The shocks well the threaded shocks are bloody expensive and i wasnt gonna get um but i knew sumbody who was sellin a complete FT kit for 30 quid so i ripped them of it

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