R/C Tech Live @ the 2003 US Indoor Championsions in Cleveland, OH

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  • I was standing there and it was said that something in the rule book state that the first car to the checker mark not the wire at the end of the race won. I looked at the rules "pamphlet" that we got and it states nowhere in there that rule. I doubt Mr Bill will do anything about it unless someone came forward with a side picture of the start finish line showing Spashett ahead before the line and showed the line clearly. Anything at an angle could not be ruled valid due to prespective. I figure go by the computer and live with it, cuz you shouldn't have been that close to start with. The comment that MR bill said was "nothing was going to happen Sunday." If something changed, it would be this week.

    as for tripple "A" mains fixing this, recently a tripple "A" main national race was but to the test with two drivers tieing on points and then having identical three round times down to the thousandth. I don't remember how the tie breaker was called on that one.
  • CypressMidWest-great race calling all weekend. I watched a video tape that Ray brought by my work today and I still can't believe how crazy our main was!! Thanks!

    I also want to thank everyone for their support this weekend. Dominic has a double ear infection and I was stressed all week. After that main, when all my family and friends came and congratulated me, I really really appreciated all the love and support. I've been doing this a REALLY long time and I am so glad it finally happened!!! And I still can't believe that Mike won right before me.. that was tooo cool...

  • Vicky, you should register your own name and join in on the fun
  • I actually have a log in but i forgot my pw...LOL...i don't post too much..i am not home enough to keep up on all this stuff!!

  • Way to go Mike & Vicky! Your dad has to be very happy.

    Dan Medved
  • You know my dad.. he is out of control happy !!!! His batteries have won before but not his daughter !!! He gave me my first r/c car in the second grade when I made my first communion and he has been with me supporting me ever since... Now I sound OLD!!!!! LOL
  • Vicky--Way to go!! Any chance of you and Mike comming to the CRL race in Toledo?
  • Congrats on the wins Mike & Vicky, and I actually have a picture of you guys on the stand right after Mike won his race. I'll post it sometime soon.

    If you want me to reset your account password, just send me a PM with what you'd like it to be.
  • Vicky - Your main was so much fun to watch. I was standing near your Dad, and listening to him cheer you on added to the excitement. Congrats to you both.
  • Congrats Vicky. I love seeing a female do so well.

    I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use your accomplishment for my own benefit! I've tried a million things to get my wife involved with RC. Maybe this will help convince her.

    I don't want to delve any further into the controversy issue here than to say that a race this big should have the AMBrc personal transponder system. Not that it would make a difference in the outcome... but simply for the pre-race ease it provides.

    I would like to second the comment about Scotty Ernst. He announced the US Dirt Oval Champs this year and it was fantastic. He's top notch.
  • nice clickable link chris!
  • Rob, You rock dude!!!!! thanks for the help. It took me 3 tries!!!! but I am getting good at using this commodore 64
  • yeah Vicky great race! yeah and you to Mike
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by howard hudson
    whos this guy click
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by GeorgePravata
    [B]Thats Chad Phillips

    Originally posted by howard hudson
    no way is it.. I went to one of shane s pics and enlarged it and it didnt look like him so I deleted the post I be damned he still around well what cha know
    See you guys he is alive! sorry Chad just had to give you a hard time. thanks for all the work you put in at the trinity booth!
  • I know this is a shameless plug-but its out of being PROUD of my track and our club!!!!!! Almost every A-Main winner and TQ or A-Main participant warmed up at the Halloween Classic and or the Pre-Champs warm-up and race the previous week!! WHo???

    Alez Lopez, Dan miles, Hara, Blackstocks, Baker, Kinwald, Easton, Cavalari, Spashett, Orr, Doseck, Love, Denton, Dunnigan, Dumas, Lonergan, Ezrow, Van Wag.......... The list goes on and on!!! Basically the ony person who won or TQ'd that didnt run at the Gate in Oct and Nov was Frank Calandra jr.!!!

    I cannot wait till the 2004 Halloween Classic and US Indoor Champs!!

    Ray "the Gate"

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