Professional Drifting with R/C cars!

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  • Hi to all drifters out there!

    I thought we needed a nice, new clean thread to write in

    I have been an R/C racer for 6 years, and I'm usually spending a lot of time on Modified Touring, racing for 1st places. But lately I found out that I have to have some fun on my days off too, so I started drifting

    My brother is the founder of the 1st Drift club for real cars in Norway, and so he wanted me to start it with R/C cars...

    Here's a short video of my brother's Ae86 and his friends RX7:

    So if anyone has any tire choice tips, setups or so that they want to share with others, post it here!

    So far I have been drifting on carpet, and with a well setup touring car, that can be easily done by putting tape on your tires.... But soon I'll be working out a good drift setup for my TC3, probably with the Proline tires that comes with the team and racer kits!

  • I don't get the whole drifting thing... am I missing something?
  • I think you're missing something, yes.

    Ok, not everybody likes the same stuff, so you might not ever like drifting, but I can try to explain:

    Drifting is almost like an art. It's all about precision and making things look good. You're not supposed to be the fastest, but the one with control. It's definitely a good way to practice car control, and also a cheap way to have fun.

    My brother was one of Europes up and coming formula stars in the mid-90's, and he uses Drifting to have fun and promote himself a bit. It's a spectator friendly sport, and it's very fun.

    try it once, you might like it.
  • If you want the best tyres for drifting get some of the treaded tamiya rubber tyres that they include with there lower end kits. Using tape is cheating, although it can give nice results.
  • Yes, I know tape is cheating, but it was the only option a had... When you only have 10 sets of Sorex tires with JB inserts ready to race, tape is a nice thing to have
  • Ahh how I love the FD body RX-7. Damn lil twin turbo rotary hauls ass!
  • What is that yellow car in the movie?? A Volkswagon FOX??

    Is your brother washed up?
  • Hi Guys,

    I've been curious about this whole drifting thing. Are there any particular bodies you guys like to see available in relation to this?

    We have access to some of the following:

    Honda Civics 190mm
    Accura Integras 190mm
    Mazda RX7 190mm
    Toyota Supras 190mm
    Mitsu Evos (200mm)
    Subaru WRX (200mm)
    Nissan Silvias 190mm

    Or any other makes you guys are interested, please let me know! I just want to get educated on this whole drifting thing.

    Steve Wang
  • yellow car is toyota collora... levin coupe

    Man, they can drift pretty good!
  • Steve,
    Please try to get some ABC bodies.
    The AE86 one with the permanently poped up headlights
    (i think the ones without permanent popped up light is 200mm, and the popped one is 190mm)

    Integras and Civics can't really do real drift... get those RRs outa there
  • I also believe that yokomo is coming out with FC RX7, S14 and the ae86 body.

    I hope you can stock those when they come out

    (sorry for the back to back posts)
  • I read LOTS of drifting and rally articles and some of the most popular car styles would be:

    *Toyota AE-86 (Jap style)
    *NISSAN SKYLINE (any year/model suitable)
    *MAZDA RX-7 (gen 3 I think)

    Article On Drifting and Drift Setups:

    Drifting Videos:

    Basically to drift you need HARD tires in front and rear. And a VAST difference between front and rear suspension stiffness. Another key element is negative camber in the front(like this /===\), zero camber in the rear. You also need a super torquey motor (try a p2k). Good cars for drift are TL-01, hpi sport2, hpi rally.

    Anyomore questions just ask.

    Or check this forum (hopefully this doesnt piss off futureal )

    Heres a basic overview of how to drift: "Any car (big or small) can be made to "drift". Set the car up a firm as possable with the hardest (least sticky) tires possable. A hot motor is nice, but not necessary. as you turn into a corner, lift off the throttle or stab the brakes to unload the rear tires and get them to slide. As the car starts to spin, fully counter steer and apply the throttle hard. At that point, you should be drifting (or at least sliding). The colder or wetter the pavement, the better too. On a corner, as you approach the apex, gently straighten the wheel to get the car back on track"
  • those rx7s are 4th gen
    and AE86 is a Kouki Trueno
  • Do you think its possible to drift a xxx-s? Ive done it alot with my rs4 rally, but never with my xxx-s (dont want to hurt my babey lol)
  • You sure can!

    I would make some videos if I had my freaking speed controller

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