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  • ok i think i understand.....they are experimenting...with battrey/motor position and stuff like that......then when they get it right they will release a molded chasis with the new posititions...makes scence.....and the normal molded hpi chasis already has flex....i doubt if more is needed!..
    .i might get the hpi graphite chasis its cheap......wouldnt hurt if i got one!
  • Just received the blue parts for the PRO3 from japan...

  • which upper deck?????
    there are several pro3 upper decks out there, but the HB appears to be the most popular. how does the others perform???

    i am particularly interested in the kai upper deck which runs thru either side of the batteries, allowing easy access to the battery bars & batteries. anyone got a pic? i know i saw it somewhere.
  • Carpet setups...

    I know I have seen a few on here, but I am looking for a good Stock Motor, high traction carpet setup....

  • My old carpet setup (sorry about the tamiya springs)

    Body: Protoform Stratus
    Motor p2k on about 29/81 or peak 12x1 on about 21/81
    GMV12 speedo
    KO 713 FET servo
    Integy Sanyo 3000's

    Blue Jaco foams (24mm)
    Blue tamiya springs (stiff)
    40wt oil
    6deg caster blocks
    Camber links in upper outboard hole, and upper inner inboard hole
    Camber set for even tyre wear, erring on the negative side.
    Toe in - about 1 deg.
    All other settings as kit

    Blue TRC foams (supposedly a little softer)
    Blue tamiya springs
    60wt oil
    Camber links in upper outboard hole and upper inner inboard hole
    Camber set for even tyre wear, erring on the negative side
    Toe in 1deg (stock motor), 2deg (mod motor)
    All other settings as kit

    Other info:
    Fibre-lyte top-deck fitted
    shock bladders fitted
    various other little tweaks that don't really do anything

    Hope this helps - it's set up to turn in hard, and be responsive through chicanes.
  • here is a picture of my pro3

  • here are few more

  • the bottom

  • one more

  • the rear and the end

  • Geez,

    Almost box stock...
  • That's a car? OOps! I thought it was some cool trophy you won.

  • someone emailed and wants to see the bodies i run
    so here we go

  • Welcome Atshushi,

    Now tell me, why don't you run with the Pro 3 if you are sponsored by HPI?