Using Foams on 1/10 DTM

  • Hello everybody, I'm a modeler from Europe (Principality of Monaco / Monte-Carlo).
    I've stardted, 6 month ago, to Drive/Race an Serpent S400 1/10 Touring car and I really felt in love with electrics (I've used to race in nitro classes for almost 20 years). In Europe we are always using rubber tyres in 26 mm width on both carpet & asphalt. So I could find tones of informations about rubers settings. As I'm very ofen training on an large asphalt outdoor track, I would really enjoy to use Foam tyres.
    Thats why I would like, as you (American drivers) have knowlege on that, to get informations about the right way to use foam tyres : Width (front & rear), Diameters (front & Rear), additives or not, more popular/Used brand you manage rollouts...all advices will be appriciate.

    Thank you for the support
  • We used to race foams outside on asphalt. What worked out best was the usual nitro sedan tires, front tires on front and rear tires on the rear. 37 shore worked pretty well, it would probably be a good place to start. No additive, except suntan lotion. I think we started at 62mm. Most settings were a little harder than rubber tire setting. I beleive we were using GRP tires.