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I use KO-Propo PDS-2143 FET Power Digital Servo
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Default Survey results...

By the moment until new posts arrive, this is the results of the survey (counts up to the daniz24 post):

Futaba S9450: 3 votes.
KO Propo PDS-2143: 3 votes
Futaba S9402: 2 Votes (this is the analog version of the 9450)
Futaba S148 (S3003): 1 vote
Hitec 925MG: 1 vote
Hitec HS9525: 1 vote
Hitec HS9545: 1 vote
KO Propo PS 713: 1 vote
KO Propo PDS-2144: 1 vote
KO Propo PDS-2173: 1 vote
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MODEL: 9450

TORQUE OZ/IN. : 111oz.(60*)/inch@6V

SPEED 60DEGREE/SEC: .10sec.@6V


COMMENTS: Has more than enough torque to steer the car and being digital, it centers right on everytime. Haven't tried any other brand yet because I've been using Futaba radios and I don't want to mix brands when it comes to radios.
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KO 2015
60 deg @ 0.05s
Torque- Plenty for EP!
Comments- Too fast for its own good! Pure speed not much accuracy!

KO 2143
60 deg @ 0.08s
Torque- Plenty for GP!
Comments- Digital, Good balance of speed and accuracy!

KO 2001
60 deg @ 0.08s
Torque- Plenty for GP!
Comments- Old analogue version of 2143. Same comment!

I also have a couple of Futaba 9402, don't like these don't know why but the car doesn't 'feel' right! De-moted to throttle duty on the GP cars!
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TORQUE kg/cm : 9.5 @7.2v

SPEED 60DEGREE/SEC: [email protected]

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JR ds8417

speed: .095 @ 4.8v
torque: 93oz/in @ 4.8v


metal gears, bearings, all the good stuff

I've been using the same servo for about 2 years now. Never opened the case once.
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No Sanwa fan out there?
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Sanwa ERG-XS in every car a have. They've worked fine for me for a decade soon. All metal gears, approx 0.12s/60degrees, analogue, coreless, and 2mm smaller than the rest.
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I just bought the JR 8417 digital servo and installed it last night.
This is my first digital servo and I am wondering if they all make a sort of buzzing noise. It's very odd, but I am not sure if thats normal for a digital servo. It says that its an FET servo, but theres no little blue wire to hook it up to my speed control.

Thanks for any response, the servo doesnt seem to be malfunctioning, its just make a lot of noise compared to my other JR Z270 std. servo.
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Default servos

Pro2: Futaba 9450 digital
Pro3: Futaba 9550 digital
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Airtronics 94757Z

Competition Digital (High Speed / High Torque)

Weight: 2.04oz

Dimensions: 1.54 X 0.79 X 1.40

Volt: 4.8 / 6.0

Torque(oz) 96 / 115

Speed 0.09 / 0.07
60 Deg

Motor: Coreless

This is one bad to the bone servo.
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Airtronics 94357Z

High Speed Aluminum Gear Double Ball Bearing / Coreless

Weighs 1.07oz

1.54 X 0.79 X 1.48

4.8 / 6.0 Volts

125oz Torque

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I've been using KO PS2143 and 2123, they boty digital and very happy with the performances.

One question, it also happends to other digital servo even the new ERG-WR from Sanwa, I found the digital servo a bit sensitive to ESC heat temperature. They kind of glitchs a little and can hear the sound its gear moving.

Does it happened to you guys??
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MODEL: PS-4001

TORQUE kg/cm : 6,4 @ 6,0 V

SPEED 60DEGREE/SEC: 0.10 sec. @ 6,0V


Double ball bearing, metal gear
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