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Originally Posted by ErnieP
You write a lot better than you R&D

I am sure Bob Novak and the others are doing all the manufacturing of their brushless motors in house....just like we have done with our brushed motors for the past 25 years. NICE!

I dont see how I am trying to "stifle" technology. I am selling a brushless system. If you guys think the early brushless systems had no trouble then I really cant say anything to you. You are obviously "HIDING" behind your handles....I am not nor would I.

When you are running your "brush equivalent stock system" at a club event and some "techie" goes into the speedo and makes some changes that YOU CANT and you can NO LONGER WIN.....I would not go tell the tech inspector....at that point he will not have ANY WAY of helping you. But then again...that would NEVER HAPPEN
Ernie, talk to anyone who has had to deal with Novak and they'll tell you they have some of the best customer service in this industry. I'll admit I had to deal with T's customer service once, and it went well, but unfortunately T decided to stop supporting Sirio engines.

I've been in this hobby since before T was around in in your 26 years I have bought many of your motors. I still have working sealed endbell stockers I use for various purposes. I would like to thank you (and Big Jim RIP) for your contributions to this hobby.

That being said, your add left a real bad taste in my mouth. This hobby is small and I have never seen a company attack another before, which is what that add did. You know more than anyone that the hobby itself comes and goes and classes come and go.

I'm pretty sure that in a year, half the people reading this will not be in this hobby anymore. Much of the problem stems from the motors. When we ran silver cans and sealed stockers it wasn't as bad. Stock class has gotten out of hand. Brushless looks good to a lot of people for many reasons and will probably keep more people in this hobby in the future.

After your add I vowed to never buy a brushless from T as did many others. The newbies here don't know better, us old guys do... I'm sure there are enough people coming and going in this hobby that you won't miss us...

I still lurk....
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Old 09-03-2006, 12:57 PM   #92
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Originally Posted by Wild Cherry
Big "E"

Thank you for the reply....
I`m sure you will do your best to stop stock brushless from becoming the next generation of motor for stock racing ...

You can`t stop it though ...

ITs the future don`t chea know ?

I will always be a big fan of your`s, and have the up most respect in your view`s on the world of R/c....

The brushless generation is not the future, it's the NOW!

This talk about Novak's stuff needing alot of maintenance and messing with the timing is wrong. However, the rotors will not tolerate an over-temperature condition very long. Keep them under 175 degrees F. They are effectively just like the magnets in the can of a brushed motor, heat kills 'em.

As far as maintenance goes, I have done nothing more than clean the bearings and blow tire dust off of it.... about 1 or 2 times a year. This is more often than the top dog racers in my class. I know one guy that has never taken his 4300 out of his car for 2 years. This same guy was in the A main at the Midwest Brushless Challenge last February. 94 entries all running the 4300.

Parity? only a few tenths of a second [lap times] between the guys in the A main and the guys in the L (yes L, right after K) main.

Timing, It "allegedly" can be changed a very small amount. The difference is unnoticeable.

I personnally welcome any manufacturer to produce more and more brushless stuff. In time, it will bring the cost down just like anything else. It has brought alot of new racers to our area because they don't have to know any of the "brushed motor magic". Alot of seasoned racers are elated with the extra time between heats to blab and/or work on their cars and they even put alot of time helping the newbies with setups.

I have nothing but love for the brushless revolution!

Many people may not realize that Novak and Associated/LRP/Reedy apparently compared notes before the release of there products. Because all of there stuff is interchangeable within the limits of the ESC's as it relates to motor size. I don't think it was an accident that those systems work together.
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Old 09-04-2006, 12:51 AM   #93
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Funny how this thread has turned into a B__CH fest. I also find entertainment in the ignorance(not knowing) of the thread on how brushless systems work, their tolerances, and failures. If you all think you can do it better, what's stopping you? If you all know so much?

The fact that Novak's and LRP's motors are interchanging is the simple fact that they are a three phase motor with a sensor pick for rpm. The whole purpose for the pick up is to allow some feedback to the esc for rotor position. What and how they use this info is where I'm sure each system differs. Maybe they are altering timing internally to fire off each winding at a different time? When everyone refers to "dark art, magic motor tuning" trust me when you have no idea what the brushless stuff is capable of...
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Nothing wrong with a "b_tch fest". Thats partly what this country (USA) was built on. We don't just shut our mouths and stay quiet. We say what we want, when we want.

If you're tired of all the "b_tching", either stop reading this thread...or go move to Cuba or Iran. People there never complain about anything or they get killed.
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I am big fan of Novak Brushless System, when I first read statement from Trinity's boss, I got really pissed off. Based on the "our own R&D" claim, they actually got caught with their "hate" policy that they refused to start their own brushless R&D few years ago.

Now that they just realized that they are about to extinct just like a Dodo, they just simply fly to China and buy brushless motors in bulk. Stick Trinity sticker and claim that it's a result of their "own R&D".

Pheew, lucky that this trinity boss has never been an air force general. while enemies have been flying fighter jets, this guy bashes and criticizes the enemies for using high tech stuffs.
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Old 09-04-2006, 11:46 AM   #96
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Be careful how you take anothers words. I was simply stating that this thread is no longer discussing it's title. IF you want a bitch fest thread, start one.

I'm also well aware of why we are given the rights to bitch, it's the same reason I have the right to laugh in the face of those who just don't get it.

What's next, are you going to tell me to move somewhere just because I don't agree with you? Ernie had mentioned it earlier, why do so many hide behind an online "handle?"

Do us all a favor and keep your opinion on topic.
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