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  • The upgrade is right around $100.......not $300. Typically though, when people send them in, they have aother stuff done to them like I did, which pushes the total up over $300. I got a new case, new wiring, back lit, new face, and a bunch more. Last I heard was the total was right around $100 for the basic upgrade, but let me tell you now....getting it in a new case and stuff sure makes for a better looking unit. Mine is one of a kind, as the guys at CE made a custom face for it so it looks like a GFX! They couldn't do a baby blue screen though, cause there isn't a screen made like that yet.

    Rumor has it, they are working on a NEW turbo dyno of some sorts, no release date yet though.
  • Thanks a lot for these details!
    Jim Email me today: he said, like you, that it will cost about $100...
    But i'd prefer not to send my unit...
    Customs could take it, because it is not CE certified...

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