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porkybmx 08-19-2001 10:03 PM

Veteran TAMIYA TA03 fans!
Hi guys, if you guys don't know already, some odd reason RCtouring's website shut down! SO I am determined to keep this thread going so post your TA03 tips and trick for anything here!

r32 08-20-2001 12:19 AM

Yeah I just got two TA03s, one is a Subaru Impreza, the other is a Corolla WRC........still assembling the Corolla, but have driven neither yet. Don't plan on racing them, though..........

porkybmx 08-20-2001 12:21 AM

great! maybe you can post some pictures when you finish them!



r32 08-21-2001 06:18 AM

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Here you go; the Lancer in the foreground is a TB-01 which I run in rally configuration now - when the touring car races come around, I use a carbon fibre chassis and it's a pretty mean weapon there too...........

r32 08-21-2001 06:31 AM

Some more........
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Here's another:

TFR 08-21-2001 11:08 AM

NIce car...:cool:

porkybmx 08-21-2001 11:28 AM

Great Pics, hey how about some pics with the bodies off? hehehe thanks for putting the pictures up:D

zxt 08-22-2001 07:41 AM

anyone know why the rctouring shutdown?

drummer5 08-22-2001 08:12 AM

zxt, look in the chat lounge and the rctech help forum, they explain everything in there.

jcr 08-23-2001 05:15 PM

Anyone know how to convert the TA03 into a rally type of car? :confused: then i can do some offroading :sneaky:

r32 08-23-2001 07:51 PM

Kinda hard, if you are going to rally on gravel-type terrain, the sand will get into the top pulley on each gearbox and foul it up. You need a totally sealed geartrain, something like a TA01/02 or a TB01.

zxt 08-23-2001 08:48 PM

its a good car to rally...I have a TL-01 and and very few mods to do to make it a rally car

zxt 08-23-2001 09:27 PM

anyone have seen Jimmy GT-R?
anyone? I hope he can follow us here at RCtech from rctouring....

jcr 08-24-2001 03:34 PM


so what did you do to your TL-01 to make it a Rally? i think with those stuff that you did to your TL-01 you can do it to a TA03.

I don't think the dirt will foul it out since the belt/pulley is so high up.

r32 08-24-2001 10:01 PM

You could try, but the way I figure, the tires are slinging the debris from the ground around at unbelievable speeds that the pebbles and stones get everywhere. At least make a lexan shield to protech the plastic pulley areas...............

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