How about a bailout package for the RC car industry..jk

  • If Larry Flint can ask on behalf of the porn industry, why not us?
  • Offer all hobby shops rent and power breaks!!!
  • Maybe just let the hobby shops ship this items for free!

    That way we all benefit!

  • What they can do is just to lower commodity prices.

    So we can have cheaper aluminium, cheaper cells, cheaper transport to the track... etc....
  • I'll support this. One of our local shops just announced they will be closing at the end of this month.
  • The big 3 got loans by the way.

    The banks got the bail out (free monry).
  • NO WAY! Bad idea!

    By the time the Politicians get done, 40% of our LHS will be out of business and we will have to pay a 70B tax bill. Thanks but no thanks.....