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Potato 01-27-2002 07:45 PM

DOH! You're right about the 30-33T pinions. I just checked my tool box, it's 34T, my bad, sorry. But, Tamiya DOES make larger than 39T pinion gears. They go up to 51T ! http://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rci...ts/mini163.htm

TRF-Powered 01-27-2002 07:50 PM


so what's the reason not to get Evo geared up more than 41???

hobbipro 01-27-2002 08:10 PM

lem2, according to my Evo II manual I would suggest trying 88spur/35 pinion to get a 6.5 ratio. You said you wanted to run stock only, so that is a great starting piont, It should be within 1-2 teeth depending on what track you run on.
I run the .04 pitch myself since my 04R uses them, and I have a F103, I want to use them on it as well.

Anyone have some spring suggestions, suspension experience with the Evo I?

TRF-Powered 01-27-2002 08:16 PM

I run evo 1 myself.

I put 70wt assoicate suspension oil all around, and blue spring at front and white at back. also, use inner most hole for the suspension at front. it runs very stable this way for me.

However, Evo II use TRF414M's suspension geometry, so you might wanna check out TAmiya's site and see how they pro set up their 414M and apply it to your Evo II

P.S. I took out the front stablizer bar

lem2 01-28-2002 12:22 AM

TBevo set up???
I was just wondering cause when I got the 41,42 pinion in the packet there was a warning for using these pinion with the TB01??

I was just wondering why? Thanks

And TRF!!!!! the spring set up that you have are you running mod motors there?? or I can use it also even if I am running Stock???

How low can I go with the TBevo???

TRF-Powered 01-28-2002 12:23 AM

I run that with stock. Never run mod on that set up yet.

lem2 01-28-2002 12:39 AM

were you able to install the aluminum bell cranks for the TB01 to the TBevo???

could you possible help my cousin get a secong hand millenium or millenium pro charger??? he is going home here in manila this march, its a bit cheaper there. A brand new will be much better but he doesnt have any idea which stores in Ca sell it the lowest.
I know that is a ig favor to ask but I am "desperate"




TRF-Powered 01-28-2002 01:00 AM

Yes I was able to assemble the AL steering set in my EVO after 8 black spacer and two 3x15 screws later and it steers like dream now.

I don't own a millenium charger so I never thought of researching for the cheapest price for it. I personally use a integy 16x9 charger and love it. but a lot of people hated it since it trickles after a full charge.

If you really want it I would ask around the people I race with see if they have used one for sale. A new one is no problem too. Just post a message on this board and ask people who live in CA to find you a cheap one. There are tons of hobby shops here in CA hard to say who has the cheapest. I will ask someone I know tomorrow and give you answer asap.

lem2 01-28-2002 01:14 AM

Thanks TRF!!!!

Dragon 01-28-2002 04:14 AM

counteracting the leaning with weights?
...but this leaning is to the left during accelearation and to the right during braking....how to use weights?

i think it should be like what potato said...a lighter carbon shaft....

and btw, does the stabalizers help balance it as well?...i mean when the car wants to lean left or right, the stabalizers will like prevent that or somthing?.....

the back stabalizers of my evo 1 works well, but the front doesent seem to do anything.....i think its because of the design.....thats y in evo 2 its different....anyone else have the same problem?

Dragon 01-28-2002 04:24 AM

woops....wait a min...is the carbon or aluminium shaft lighter?

TRF-Powered 01-28-2002 09:25 AM

carbon is lighter, however, I have seen in many posts and personal RC websites that the carbon shaft strips in the gear case when you hit something head on.

lem2 01-28-2002 07:33 PM

re: carbon shaft!!!!
I have seen it break into pieces after it hit a barier and then accelerated!!!!! thats with a 10x3 motor!!!!!!

But maybe its okay for stock racing!!!!

since I had a carbon shaft with my tl01!!!

but if you weight the shaft in your hand of the carbon and the shaft that came with the TBevo there is just a small difference!!!!

I just do not know what the masters of the TBevo would say about this: That's all of you here!!!! hehehehehe

Dragon 01-30-2002 08:09 AM

wah so jia lat ar....no wonder no one buys them...haha...

anyway, does anyone with an evo whose front stabalizers actually do somthing?

hobbipro 01-31-2002 07:44 AM

I had a good chance last night to really burn a few packs in the EVO II. I made a few suspension changes that really worked good for me.

Front: Stock mounting positions
Yellow (medium spring)
60wt oil
2 hole pistons

Rear: Stock as well
White (Ex hard spring)
40wt oil
2 hole pistons

Adding a stiffer rear spring gives the front end more traction, and livens up the streering considerably. It does make the car twitchy, but manageable. I did notice the car wanting to wander to the right when excelerating hard, must be the shaft drive bias everyones been talking about. I'm planning on getting rid of the front one-way since I couldnt stop hard without spinning out, other drivers could out brake me, and cut underneath me. Also I'm going to try the Ta04R front C hub with the torque bar that attaches to the top of the steering posts to see if stiffening the front hub area will help any.
Otherwise car has handled a few run ins with the boards, and no broken parts yet. :)

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