4000mah hardcase lipo under $30!!!!

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  • any of you got a extra one you would be willing to sell? i got one and it was DOA and i need one asap...
  • has anyone tried any zippy non-hard case packs, i need a few 4s packs for my boats. and im just wondering about their 30-40c 4s.
  • I ordered up a pair to compliment my Orions.

    I noticed this little statement that was added recently to the website.

    Latest stock has improved soldering and tab joins. Removing previous issues related to cold solder breakages

    It looks like Zippy is addressing the poor solder quality issue. But,...... I'm still going to pop open the cases and check them out when they arrive.

    Current stock level = 2046 in stock, still at $27.99
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    these are going in my new HPI Club racer...
  • i have had one of these in my FT T4 for almost 2 months and no problems at all. The harness that came with it did have a bad solder joint but that was not a big deal to fix. With over 50 cycles so far so good that i ordered another 3 packs that came in yesterday. They charged and balanced very quickly in under 30 minutes and drawing about 1600 - 1700 mAh per pack. So that tells me that Hobbycity is testing and charging them to 50%.

    I post again when i try out the 3 new packs....
  • Question for those of you that have opened them up. I'm thinking about getting these for my son ans I Slash's, so I was considering opening them up and soldering a wire directly to it, then sealing the hole with the wire through it to make it a little more water proof.

    You think that will work?