world GT class/lipo

  • I think that the world gt class would have a better future if a standard class was developed for 7.4v lipo maybe a 21.5 class or 17.5 class it would slow down the cars and make them cheaper and easier to run. nobody who is running lipo wants to go back to nimh and the new guys dont want the investment of running nimh. or the hassle. some of us would like to run 1/12 lipo but I would definitely run a world gt class instead of 1/12 if i could run lipo as 1/12 scale lipo single cell seems to have issues w/speedcontrollers right now. i think a popular alternative could be found to saticefy the masses. we already have a 1/10 scale class w/4 cells all they do is go in a circle and we already have a 4 cell road coarse class for pan cars it just happens to be 1/12 scale. what i propose is a new class thats simple and fun .
  • sorry there is a thread for that already

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