Awesomatix EP Touring Car (A700 Shaft Drive)

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  • Quote: Last lot of pictures show the servo mounted same side as the electrics?
    There is possibility to mount servo on right or left side.

    Yokomo_Ant3, the car is good balanced left/right with the servo and Battery on the same side.
  • Yeah that servo mount is nice piece and I like the servo on the electric side. Sure wish I could afford one, but that's way out of my range. Still don't understand how the shocks work? They look cool. lol

    Quote: Well done, good to see someone thinking outside the cookie cutter box.

    Will you be making it to TITC this year? Unfortunately it doesnt look good for me dollars wise

    That outside servo mount alone is something a lot ofother manufacturers should be looking at. Im sure a few of them will be bought by Yokomo drivers alone

    One weird question though, the last 2 detailed pics with wheels off, the spur is mounted as a regular shaft drive, whats the go?
  • Oleg, lots of innovative stuff, great job.
  • $750 Ouch...!!! I guess I'll be saving $$$ now put me down for one.
  • good looking job...
    Is it gonna be Lipo Chassis or old school?
  • I'd like to see this car in action... is there video somewhere in youtube that shows this car running? be nice to see how it handles. I'm very interested on getting one now...very cool designed.
  • was there an explanation of how the shocks work? might have have missed it in previous posts.
  • videos
    ddd2k, there are two videos on page 7 I think in this thread, one showing an overview of the car and the other of the car running Mod on low traction carpet.


    on this video, the Awesomatix (if its the white car) looks very flat and fast when transitioning compared to the other cars - very nice
  • Some more pictures.
    Longitudinal motor layout.

    Awesomatix EP Touring Car (A700 Shaft Drive)-img_8914-1.jpg   Awesomatix EP Touring Car (A700 Shaft Drive)-img_8898-1.jpg  

  • depending on the initial success of this car, any chance a low-end model would be released? Much how Xray has the T2R and Hot Bodies has the Cyclone S to cover the lower price points of TC, would a tub chassis/flat FRP deck design with standard arms and shocks be an option for the future? An upgrade path from a low end to this magnificent machine would be cool for someone looking to start off in a lower price point. A Pro 4/FT TC4 level shaft drive chassis with the motor mounting style benefits of a belt drive on a refined standard suspension could get you guys LOTS of attention at a lower price point. Just an FYI, especially cuz i know molds for tub chassis are expensive lol. I dont know about FRP, though im sure Ofna does with the JL10-E.
  • Quote: Some more pictures.
    Longitudinal motor layout.
    At first I was like NOOOOOO! But when I looked closer it looks like there will be an option for the perpendicular and longitudinal motor layouts!? Will both options come with the kit?
  • Quote: ....Will both options come with the kit?
  • This car looks BADAZZ!! I've been following development of this car for a while and Oleg....NICE JOB brah

    I must say though that IMHO the MOST important piece of this kit will be the INSTRUCTION MANUAL
  • You are very right, JayBee.
    So far we themselves have difficulty in understanding this instruction .

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