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  • underdahill there is no reason to hurry up and upgrade that speedo honestly there are a coup le guys down here running them and they keep up with the fast guys
    as for the wieght of the speedo and space its a definate thing to change it out.
    as far as chassis wieght yes the cars are lighter pending on the thickness of the car you choose i have had to add anywhere from 1 ounce to 1 3/4 ounce it all depends on your radio gear . you also mentioned getting batteries that would be choice #1 look into fukuyama batteries they have great deals and run extremely well !
  • I just ordered the D1 yesterday what is the thickness of the chasis and should I have asked for somethig else besides the D1 kit. Tc3 carpet foam tires
  • sns820 the chassis that victor sells range from 2.5 mil to 3.0 if you discussed with what you type of racing is he will have sold you the correct model dont worry the cars are supper stiff if anything and you got the 2.5 you will be at a wieght savings over the 3.0 instead of adding half and ounce you will need to add a whole ounce pending your electronics.
    i have the 2.5 version and finished 25th out of 130 drivers at the snow birds. that being my first time on foams with a sedan on carpet. the car rocks i promise you!
  • Thanks for the info. We talked a couple days ago ,I told Victor about you helping me out and he took good care of me ,he never mentioned what the thickness was nor did I ask. YOU will bw hearing from me on this thread with questions about setup ,good starting point .
  • no problem if you need help i'll do my best thats what i am here for and iam sure the other guys on here will help as well.
    i know a lot but not everything!
  • Thanks Speedxl.

    Quick question... Whats with the capacitors you see in all the pro's cars these days? I know the theory behind it but does it really work that well?

    I'll get some time on the carpet so I can get a baseline before switching too much. I might replace the Speedo early on as it is a bit big and I can't fit things into my tc3 the way I want with that monster in there.

    It's good to know the D1 chassis is lighter. Last thing I want to do is add weight racing stock class.

    After the first couple race/practice sessions I'll probably order 3-4 packs from Fukuyama... looks like they are highly regarded here. I'll tell them you sent me their way.

    SNS820... let me know how that chassis works out for ya. I'd love to get a play by play of your install and setup process if your up for it. Just PM or email me.

    Thanks again.
  • underdahill let them know hector from warpspeed sent you for batts.
    yes it helps with mod. were when you punch comming out a corner you dont loose steering amongst other things plus speedos are smaller and dont have them internally any more they were inside on the big monsters like yours!
  • Will do... I'll probably pick up some batteries sometime in the next two weeks. I don't think my RC2000's will be up to snuff after I get some practice time in.

    Thanks again for all the help. I'll start saving those pennies for a warpspeed chassis when the time comes.
  • underda the batteries are you biggest expense and the next thing you'll need is a speedcontrol by then you'll somewhat figured out the touring car scene.
    make sure you let danny from fukyuama know that hector team driver from warpspeed sent you they are very helpful people!
  • hector u got AIM open or any other Instant mess Format??? gotta talk to u
  • SpeedXl... I sent Maj. Teeth a PM and told him you sent me his way. That ok?

    I'll find out from him what I'll need and approx. cost and go from there.

    If it was you, how many packs would you have on hand for a club race to run Stock and 19t touring classes?
  • cool he good guy
    about 4 packs would be good 1 for practice or back up and one for first qualifier and another for the second and one for the main if you have 3 qualifiers youll need the 4th
  • I'm assuming you mean 4 packs PER CLASS? So in my case (2classes x (2 practice runs + 3 qualify + 1 main))=12 actual runs. Could I make do with 6 packs and run them all 2 times during the race day?

    I'm pretty sure I can't swing the fundage for 12 packs.
  • you can do with four and run them twice
    just that they wont live for ever
  • like me brand new pack ran 3 times 1 day

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