KV and TURNS conversion

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  • Quote: The sensors have nothing to do with the kv rating, they let the esc know the position of the rotor. As far as Know.
    But changing the timing (at the endbell / sensor-port) can alter the Kv rating of a motor. More timing = more RPM = higher Kv, but less "pull". So higher Kv isn't always better. It can mean that the motor has more timing, and because of that maybe isn't a better motor - maybe even a worse motor.
  • I have 3 10.5T motors from different manufacturers and the KV ratings on them are 3200, 3400 and 3600KV. All this really tells you is nothing. You can use all 3 in the 10.5T class and i guess thats all that matters, however, some make more torque others more rpm, and it becomes a horses for courses sort of thing to pick a motor for the track you are running on.
  • KV vs Turns
    I think rc motors should be rated in kv and watts. That gives you information about gearing, motor performance, what amp rating your esc should be, and what C rating your batteries should be.
  • I can tell you I run a stock AEsc10 on an indoor track that is small and tight so I was looking for a little more "quick zip". Being on a budget and not wanting to upgrade my esc I chose a stock AE reedy 4900KV. Motor. Same exact make and model of the stock 3300KV.
    All I can say is this thing pulls the front wheels off the ground now!
  • The thread that wouldn't die!

    Started in 2008.
    Resuscitated in 2010.
    And again in 2011.
    Once more in 2012.
    Fourth time in 2013.

    There are plenty of good answers in the thread, and the information is still valid, and apparently still interesting!
  • So lets keep it alive for a little longer:

    After reading everything it would mean the strongest 10.5t motor (no Corally red or GM equivalent) is the Team Orion Vortex VST 2 PRO 540 2P Stock (if the numbers are trustworthy):

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