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Vyger 11-09-2008 08:26 PM

Originally Posted by CraigM (Post 5024593)
Wow! that's fantastic, who'd have thought you could do such a stunning looking car with a flat black body.

I've just pre-ordered an F103R and I would really like to do the body up as an Alonso Renault, either from this year or possibly one of his championship winning cars - it really depends what decals I can get. I've done a few bodies over the years but nothing too flash so this will definitely be a challenge, just wondering if besides the tips here you've got anything else to recommend?

Thanks! It was really fun to work on the Sauber after completing the Williams.

As for tipe, take your time, look at allot of photos. I always look at google and yahoo pic searches to get more info. Don't be afraid to just try stuff that you think might work. If you have something specific shoot me a note or post it up on here. I don't claim to do the best or know all the answers but two or more heads are better than one.

Vyger 11-09-2008 08:46 PM

I started working on the new chassis today. I took an older car (a PIAA) and basically stripped it down and added a few hop-ups here and there. This is how the chassis started out.


These are a few of the hop-ups I put on the car. I didnít use the aluminum wheel hubs or the blue damper post from 3-Racing. I think Iím going to safe those for another build.


Iím using a front wing I bought on E-bay. It originally supported the Tamiya MP4/6. Since Iím working on the MP4/7 I thought it would work well. The MP4/6 is a F102 chassis so the wing required a little modifying to get it work. I mounted it up, marked cut lines, then used flush cuts to trim it down. I also had to drill a hole for the forward A-arm screw.


Then I stripped the entire car down. The only part that wasnít disassembled was the motor pod. I used a carbon fiber chassis, a carbon fiber F103LM upper deck, a modified TRF F103 shock, aluminum ball ends and titanium socket-head screws. I also replaced the stock damper springs for the gold set (slightly a heavier spring). I ordered a set of 3x35mm titanium screws made by Square, these are also socket head screws and will replace the long steel bulkhead screws supplied in the kit. Because theyíre a little longer than the kit screws I used a 2mm spacer to take up the gap. I dropped bearings into the rear and mounted the Tamiya .06 104 spur gear on the 3-Racing carbon fiber rear axel/shaft. Something I didnít realize is the 3-Racing carbon axel is hollow. They didnít say that on the their site and I couldnít tell from the pics. Itís only a problem if you hit something or get hit from the rear. WHOOPSÖ.


I also swapped out some of the kit supplied parts for the TRF F103GT shock kit. I happen to have some polished aluminum caps from an old 414m kit to replace the blue ones. I used the plastic spring retainer instead of the aluminum one, the reason being is the aluminum one is much thicker and ads preload to the shock once it mounted. The plastic part is thinner as you can see from the pic below. I tossed the white spring and went with the older neon red one, which is allot softer. I used 30wt oil with the three hole piston to dampen the small amount of movement at the rear of the car. This should help the rear get a little more traction and allow the center of the chassis to sag down more in the center and help with cornering.


Upfront I mounted up a Futaba S9602 servo. This servo provides 30oz. of torque at .11 sec for speed. This should be more than adequate for this car. I opted out of using the Tamiya servo mounts. Instead, I used some trusty old Shoe-Goo to mount the servo. To do this I measured the servo and marked the centerline with a Sharpe on the bottom side. Then I measured the width of the chassis to find the centerline. I made two marks to line up the front and rear of the servo. This helps ensure youíre keeping it straight. I also made a line to mark how far forward I needed to have it. I put a small piece of double-sided tape (the same type used to mount the foam tires) on the bottom of the servo, pealed and stuck. Once in position I used a liberal amount of shoe-goo on each side. You can rub this down into the corner edge of the servo and the chassis by wetting the tip of your finger. As long as your finger is wet the goo wont stick to you. I let this sit over night to harden and dry. Iím really pleased with how this came out and canít wait to give it a try. If you look at the pics below the standard servo looks almost quarter scale in comparison. The servo has the Tamiya heavy-duty servo saver mounted to it with adjustable turnbuckles reaching out to each axel and wheel. On each end of the turnbuckle I used the Molly Ball ends from Tamiya. These are a little harder than the stock plastic ones, so they shouldn't stretch and ad slop over time.


I'm pretty happy with how the chassis has turned out so far.


Next stop, the bodyÖ


ffactory666 11-09-2008 11:46 PM

Looking great so far , what battery are you going to use in there a lipo stick pack ?

AKSHUN 11-10-2008 03:47 AM

Hey nice work guys!!
Ive always been a fan of formula one, im wondering if there is a current body style out there, such as the BMW Sauber, McLaren Mercedes, or Ferrari??
If so, where can i view these??

Vyger 11-10-2008 10:10 AM

Ffactory - With regards to the battery options, I was thinking of running this using the Orion Lipo batteryís. I like the design they did with the hard case, itís a nice little package that should fit well. I was also thinking of using an old Novak Cyclone as the ESC, the only problem is it doesnít have a shut down for the Lipo packs so Iíll have to be careful when running it.

Akshun - About modern F1 bodies. There is a couple on the market. Iíve posted links below to the sites that have pics. Check them out; they might have what youíre looking for.



If I had to get a more modern F1 I think Iíd go with this one from TRG.

Bikerbob 11-11-2008 04:32 AM

Vyger, I dont think I have ever heard you say what you do with all these cars?

If you were building shelf queens, I would assume you would build factory spec kits from the box.

If you were racing, I would not think you would make SOO many chassis.

I love all your attention to detail, and the bodies and tires are great.. it would seem almost a shame to race them.

I want a few more body sets for my car, and I will get there, but its bodies for a single chassis, and I am racing.

WHICH btw.. I finished 2nd in B main on Sunday. I am moving UP! next time out its new tires all around.. so I will have to get used to it again.. and make my ride height modification to the front steering blocks.


Vyger 11-11-2008 09:54 AM

Hey James, CONGRATS on the finish. Sounds like youíre moving in the right direction.

About all my carsÖwell hereís the deal. I use to race (loosely used word ďraceĒ) the F1ís along time ago. I spent months if not years of my life running these things around a circuit having a blast week-in and week-out. Then sedans came along and I moved into that arena, which was sort of short lived by comparison. The cost and effort to try and stay competitive sort of burned me out. When I stopped running I had a boat load of gear, kits and accessories that I boxed up in my garage. Now after being on leave from RC for a few years I decided Iíd rather build up all the cars I was holding onto instead of keeping them in boxes. Every once in a while my friends and I would talk about the good old days and we would look at all the body kits and cars stacked up in the corner. It was always a future project of mine to build up an entire grid of F1ís. Well, that day came earlier this year when I decided to stop thinking about it and start doing it. To date my collection has reached 26 cars in total with plans of building at least 5 more before Iím done. Some are stock and some are hopped-up. Out of the 26 built Iíve made 4 runners, an F102, F103RS, an F103RM and a mutt Iíve built from aftermarket parts. The goal is to use up all the kits, bodies, and parts that Iíve been stalk piling away. Some do get nailed to the wall with no intention of ever running and the others I plan on running as soon as I complete all my builds.

For now itís justÖlike therapyÖI donít have to scramble to get a car ready by any certain date for any specific race. I can just take my time and work on something that really isnít costing me any money and I enjoy doing.

I started this thread in hopes people would share building techniques, race set ups and to create a general discussion about something we all really like, RC F1ís. I think itís a great place to share information and find out what everyone else is doing with their car(s).

And thatís about itÖlol :)

border r/c 11-11-2008 10:56 AM

he Vyger,
funny to read you're story same on this side here.
have all the boxes still NIB.
and started als a few months ago too build up the entire collection I have.
right now building a F210 Ferrari F2001 and will due for next the kit a F103 and then vica versa.
and race them till now also them 1 run to try and feel.

F1 Rules still & again!

Bikerbob 11-11-2008 11:13 AM

Originally Posted by Vyger (Post 5039680)
Hey James, CONGRATS on the finish. Sounds like you’re moving in the right direction.

For now it’s just…like therapy…I don’t have to scramble to get a car ready by any certain date for any specific race. I can just take my time and work on something that really isn’t costing me any money and I enjoy doing.

I started this thread in hopes people would share building techniques, race set ups and to create a general discussion about something we all really like, RC F1’s. I think it’s a great place to share information and find out what everyone else is doing with their car(s).

And that’s about it…lol :)

I hear ya Vyger, I need my cars to keep me sane. I used to get wound up on the being competitive in years past myself, but not anymore.

I run F1 (spec class) Mini (spec class) TC(TC3 - rubber 13.5bl). I have a MR4-BC(Yokomo 5 years old) and a T2 Truck for offroad.. but really only do that with the kids.

I have an Uncle who used to be involved in Indy cars.. back in the day.. as a kid that got me into my first F1 - Road Wizard.. which we did up as a copy of the INDY car ( The driver loved it!) But around here we really had no interest in organized Onroad racing till I started a Asphalt racing club in 97.

But F1 has only really hit this past year.. and wow.. in our area the Tamiya distrib. says he has sold over 250 kits in the past 6month.

Anywho.. Do a photobucket of the cars if you would.. Have you done a Jordan yet?

I have my wing.. and will be ordering my body and sticker set in a week or two. I will do photos as well for everyone. NOW.. how to match the front wing colour.. hmmmm


Vyger 11-11-2008 01:26 PM

Actually I have a Jordan that I built up in the early 90's. I made two when I did so I could have a runner and one as a hanger queen. I've still got it today. I'll try and post up some pics tonight.

British Menace 11-11-2008 07:27 PM

A great thread ......... great posts.
This my friends is what our hobby is all about.

Thankyou Vyger for sharing and taking the time to do all this.

I hope you have fun doing this for years to come sir.

Thankyou again for sharing everything here.

British menace

Vyger 11-11-2008 07:33 PM

Originally Posted by Bikerbob (Post 5039917)
Anywho.. Do a photobucket of the cars if you would.. Have you done a Jordan yet?

I have my wing.. and will be ordering my body and sticker set in a week or two. I will do photos as well for everyone. NOW.. how to match the front wing colour.. hmmmm


Well you could paint it. But you wouldn't be able to run it painted, the paint would shatter with the first little tap. So, what I would try is vinyl, you could probably find sheets online. Also, most hobby shops sell Plasticote too, not as flexible as the vinyl but it would work. So that could be your second option. I'm sure you could find it pretty close to the color you need.

OK...you asked for the pics LOL :lol:





The Williams Collection

The Ferrari's

The McLaren's

The Lotus collection

My Indy cars. The Kmart car I got used. The one of the next body's that I have to do. I did the Motorola car.

This is a Ferrari that was done half way. LOL I did this so all the hop-ups could be seen while the body is still on. I'm thinking of doing this with the new F103R car. I just don't know what body set to use yet.

My F103GT

The old F201

And projects...

And the cars on display in my work room.

And that's all for now....

dodo 11-11-2008 08:08 PM

my eyeeesssss
my nose... it bleeds!


what a collection, great job! wish i have a workroom as nice and 'cozy' as yours!

t4m1y4niac 11-11-2008 08:22 PM

:lol: :lol: :lol:

dodo 11-11-2008 08:30 PM

btw i like the idea of the half-exposed ferrari. very nice :nod::nod:

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