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  • What shop did the car (TRG 111) come from? I'm in Tokyo for about another month.

    I just picked up a new F104W MP4/5B from Super Rajikon in downtown Tokyo (Akihabara). 112000 JPY / about $138 usd Not much cheaper over here but compared to other items it's not a bad price.

    Super Rajikon does have a mail order site http://www.super-rc.com
    I spent about 3 hours in there and they have EVERYTHING in stock. I was shocked to see the amount of F1 stuff made these days.

    I first had a Tamiya F102 and raced at the Tamiya USA track in the early 90's. It's good to see the car (F1's) are still going.
  • the trg website has a list of available retailers
  • Quote: the trg website has a list of available retailers
    Yes, I checked it out. I was just curious where you got your car from.
  • i got it from rc monoque
  • Quote: i got it from rc monoque
    Thanks! Have you driven your TRG 111? What's your thoughts?
  • i have yet to race with it but have ran on open unprepared asphalt and in the right hands it would be the car to beat...the biggest issue is the fact their is no U.S. support or setup help and with the car itself having so many variables its rough getting a setup to start from....i have a few of the older trg 109s and the front end of this car is much more suited to racing....the old front end was much to fragile and brittle...i had a few words of wisdom from Rob King because of all the original issues i had with the car..so much thanks to him and his f1 blog...only advice would be if you buy one, order five of everything for the front end at the same time....it will save you a lot of issues getting parts....
  • I see that a f103 front end is able to mount up with no mods. Wouldn't be a bad idea to just start with a F103 front end and get a descent setup. Then put the adjustable front end back on and work with it till it's good. I'm planning on getting a F104x1 in addition to my F104W. I do however find the TRG 111 to be an interesting car that has tons of potential. Thanks for your info.
  • Quote: As promised, enjoy!!!!

    Finishing up on the pricing, will post shortly
    is pretty neat but adds to much weight...
  • Quote:
    Those link arms are there to alter the wheel angels during braking/acceleration. Sounds to me like a good thing to improve stability. particularly during braking.

    that gearbox is chunky. why fully enclosed? I like it but why..
    what car is this?
  • Quote: I just happened across this...it looks like the John Stranahan car except F1
  • I don't know what car that is, but that's the Yokomo front end.
  • Quote: a few shots of the new ride with the top off and my new bodies courtesy of jim at als hobby....
    diggin that "venom-mobile"
  • Quote: Thanks! Have you driven your TRG 111? What's your thoughts?
    The first time Randy put his 109 down, I was like "Uh Oh..". That car looked great, any you could see it had a ton of steering. He just had some issues with durability as he said.
  • Quote: what car is this?
    Yokomo GT500. Its a 1/12th scale car.There rear end was aborted and it has a straight axle now.
  • I found myself shopping online for another car this week. I think instead of just buying another kit I will have more fun building my own F1. Time to let the research begin. I would love to build more of a scale car that also has performance. I think going with IRS is the way to go. The adjust-ability will be nice to have, since I drive on unprepared parking lots. This will most likely not be cheap but it will be fun.

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