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Old 10-15-2008, 02:16 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by gijoe64 View Post
I don't want to start a fight in this fourm, but hearing this form several top drivers "US Drivers are just lazy" it has got me thinking about all the Lipo, BL motors and car setup.
The last two words are key, car setup. That's the one place people need to spend more time instead of worrying about motors and batteries. BL and LIPO offer consistency, but you still have to know springs, shocks, tires, toe, camber, caster. Its been mentioned that we don't remember how to build kits anymore. Building is the key factor to understanding how all of the "need to understand" items affect the setup. After that, its up to you to run laps and learn how to tweak the chassis to get the most out of it.
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Old 10-15-2008, 02:23 PM   #17
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Like I said im not trying to start a argument, this is my thought on this matter. And like I said, I love brushless and Lipo but I don't understand why
you the hobbist is now so against Nimhs and brushed motors, and when a new guy comes to this hobby they have so much trouble getting started racing and don't understand what to do and gets frushtrated and quit is that what we want? I would think we would encourage him or her to push on and understand setup and differnet concepts, there is so much information out there but I think the new guy needs more hands on. And I am glad that RTR's and other forms of RC are out there it helps bring in more people but they don't stay long, I would like them to stay as long as I have been doing this. I don't post on here much, but if I feel like putting my opinion down I thought I could?
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4 the love of pete!!
u gotta be kiddin
just cause we got tired of the hassle of NiMH and run lipos makes us lazy??
I still run brushed [27t&19t] with reasonable success
but I gotta admit brushless lipo will make ya lazy LOL!!
nuthin to do but check camber, I mean rubber tires, no ride height to worry bout
lipo, no discharging/equalizing ect ect
brushless, no more $7 cans of motor spray & comm drops/bearing oil
gooollly we hillbillies were always lazy!!!
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Old 10-15-2008, 02:39 PM   #19
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funny stuff..I guess that you could say "lazy" but from where I sat it was more like your personal definition of just what a hobby was..I have done both..cut Com's, worked on my car, really really worked on my stuff and then I have done absolutely nothing between rounds (other than charge batteries)..just BS with friends..and to be honest it did not change anything..I still beat the guys I always beat..In the stock class I was winning pretty much every time but I know how to set up my car and I know what tires work and what tires dont..I do race with a few guys in mod that no matter what I do I'm not beating them..they are just better drivers than me..
I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
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Old 10-15-2008, 02:49 PM   #20
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Whoa now, some of you are looking at this thread through a pinhole. I happen to like the way he titled this thread, its a real attention getter. But I guess there are some people who think that talking about anything other than what products are the best is simply flooding the boards with meaningless mumbo jumbo.

I think he has brought up a good topic for discussion of our hobby and how the people in it are changing the way they do things. Lazy is just a blanket statement used to compare the way we are now to how we used to be, in general of course. As far as people not working on their cars or leaving the hobby, costs and the economy is much too easy of an answer for argument's sake so I never pay much attention to it. One thing I am wondering, is if everyone is so tuned into a plug and play mindset, why has 1/12 scale been so popular? Sure there are much fewer nuts and bolts than a TC, but simple setup changes that, if done carelessly, can make it almost impossible to drive. I personally like the way they drive and their durability. I am notorious for clipping the inside pipe. I go through about as many bodies in 1/12 as TC guys do arms. I do however, always finish a race. That is what's fun.

As for Lipo/brushless. Well, I don't run any 6c classes so no lipo for me. Brushless however has made me more successful because I now have more time to work on car setup.
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Old 10-15-2008, 02:59 PM   #21
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Driving a car instead of a horse and buggy doesn't mean your lazy. It means there is progress nothing more. Some will say "embrace the technology" others will say "never forget where you came from". Nobody is wrong or lazy.
"we need to do at least 11.2 km/s to break earths orbit or almost the speed as Cam's car"

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Old 10-15-2008, 03:07 PM   #22
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I like the tweaking that is "one time changes" and I really enjoy being on the track. I don't enjoy tedious/repetitive tasks like juggling batteries and changing brushes. Tweaking cool, working on an assembly line not enjoyable.
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Old 10-15-2008, 03:10 PM   #23
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not lazy just smarter
"He once ran a marathon because it was on his way"
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I don't think its lazyness. I think that with LIPOs and brushlees people get to spend more time with what counts... the setup and driving ability. I personally got tired of watching my cells that were new die after a couple of races. Also I always wondered if my set-up or driving was getting better or worse or was it that my motor was dying. with both brushless and LIPO batteries were no longer an issue and I'm never wondering if my motors are up to snuff while I"m practicing. Don't get me wrong I'm not a RTR guy. I still love to build my kits and ask the guys at my track, I always like to tinker with my older and current cars. Every now and then I like to break out my lathe and play around with my brushed motors jsut to stay in tune.

As far as the racing aspect, its nice not to have to lug as much stuff around to races as I used to.
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Old 10-15-2008, 03:18 PM   #25
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Ive been racing for a while, worked at a hobby shop, etc. There are a few things that I believe should be said. Old school people that cut their motors every run, re-oiled their bushings, etc were not lazy. I actually enjoyed this part of the hobby. Now, I dont have to do this because Im using brushless... now I sit around and BS, work on the car or work on someone elses car. This is not lazy. This is just DIFFERENT from what the old school are used to.

New school racers dont realize how amazing they have it at this time. Almost ready to run race truggies, buggies, brushless, lipo, foams that dont break everytime you hit a wall, cars that dont break everytime you hit a wall, and permanent facilities. Just because they do have all of these above said benefits of entering the hobby now, does not make them lazy either.

We are a rtr nation. RTR brings in more people to the hobby shops than anything else... plain and simple. These people that generally buy these aren't buying it for a hobby. They are buying for a toy but they have much greater possibility to be converted to a hobbyist once they have one.

Till we get back to the parking lot racing where they see fun competition in front of a hobby shop or high traffic area, we will continue to suffer from lack of numbers. Until then our potentials will stick to Wow, halo, or other competative social hobbies.
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I think that Lipo and brushless is not making us lazy as much as helping us to advance our skills, and have a bit more fun, while giving us more time to work on handling problems with our chassis.

Now, In the days of nimh/brushed, people were probably worried more about having their packs cycled or a fresh set of brushes and springs for there motor. Also, when people wanting to get into the hobby stop by a local track can be easily discouraged when they see that different electronics (comm lathes and dischargers) laying all over there table. So my answer is NO, Lipo and brushless has not made us lazy.
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Work smarter, not harder.
cumberland rc racers

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Useless thread.
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I think it is the more experienced drivers, the ones with money to spend on whatever they please for their car thats puts a lot of people off. If a minor league were created, one for beginners, not one that put the novices against the pro's with multi billion dollar car's (sarcasm) then it would let them build up experience first, not going straight for the fastest thing avalible.
The minor league is going to consist mainly of young people due to older people more than likely already having experience in this field or having the time to develop their experience much quicker than younger folk, this would make a brushless motor virtually unheard of due to lack of money and experience making it a much more competetive scene for less experienced drivers with middle of the bunch cars.

But until such a league is created and developed by rc racing organizers, new starters are going to see the pro's cars and go straight for what they have to try and compete.

What i think anyway

Oh and im not saying anything bad about experienced folk, just saying pitting them against newbie's is whats causing the problem.
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Originally Posted by liljohn1064 View Post
The last two words are key, car setup. That's the one place people need to spend more time instead of worrying about motors and batteries. BL and LIPO offer consistency, but you still have to know springs, shocks, tires, toe, camber, caster. Its been mentioned that we don't remember how to build kits anymore. Building is the key factor to understanding how all of the "need to understand" items affect the setup. After that, its up to you to run laps and learn how to tweak the chassis to get the most out of it.
I agree completely with you. I helped a fellow racer with his car setup on his micro tourer. NEVER touched the motor. That weekend he TQ'd by two laps at the local track. He told me the car was so much easier to drive in the infield. One of the fast guys at the track approached him and wanted to know what he did to the MOTOR. Imagine his shock when he found out the motor was never touched.
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