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Barry White 09-12-2003 12:33 PM

Tamiya TB-02
Well Tamiya is coming out with a new car.
You've probably heard this allready.
This is from the Orion site:


58310 1/10 Scale R/C 4WD Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM

For this new addition to the R/C Car Series, Tamiya introduces the TB-02. Based on TB Evolution III, the TB-02 chassis can be fitted with aluminum and carbon parts designed for the TB Evolution III. For the first model using this chassis, Tamiya has chosen the popular Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM Team Vodafone AMG-Mercedes.

To mark the release of the TB-02 chassis, Tamiya is also releasing a series of optional parts.

53677 TB-02 Stabilizer Set (F & R)
In order to improve stability on high grip roads, Tamiya offers a stabilizer set for the TB-02 chassis.

53678 TB-02 Aluminum Racing Steering Set
To obtain a more secure attachment and more direct response on cornering, Tamiya offers an aluminum steering set for the TB-02. Combined with a carbon plate, you obtain a TB-EVO III style chassis.

53679 TB-02 SSG Carbon Center Plate This option part carbon center plate attaches to the bottom of the main frame of the TB-02 chassis, providing more solid pitching, more accurate suspension settings, and reduced power loss.

53680 TB-02 Aluminum Motor Mount
This blue anodized Aluminum Motor Mount allows drivers to lighten their chassis for higher performance. Like the regular part included with the TB-02 chassis, this aluminum mount features 4 different motor positions allowing 12 gear ratios when combined with various pinions.

utieh 09-12-2003 01:02 PM

do you know from where this info comes from, it sounds like a press release since there is nothing on Tamiya Website....I am very curious to have a look of what there is inside..:D hope they won't use the same plastic they used for the TB01 (would like to see something like the TA04's material)

Barry White 09-12-2003 01:11 PM

Look on top, Orion.
It will probably be a simplyfied TB01 EVO III. Like they did with the 414M and TA04. Gearboxes from TB01, TB01 EVO III and TA04 are all the same (too soft) plastic that I and many other people would like to see fiber reŽnforced.

izzyracer 09-12-2003 01:14 PM


izzyracer 09-12-2003 01:15 PM


utieh 09-12-2003 01:20 PM

I meant where did Orion found this Info (they don't write their article most of the time)
it as at least one piece from the E3SE, the camber link mount, but made of plastic:D

Barry White 09-12-2003 01:26 PM

Go to Tamiya English, not USA. And follow the link Chicago Hobby Show. I think Tamiya sent it to Orion.

x414x 09-12-2003 10:34 PM

I wonder if there's a TRF version in the work, like the TRF Ta04 :rolleyes:. Am i wrong by thinking a TRF Ta04 is a waste? I mean a 414m can be had cheaper.

Screw the TCS races that exclude the 414 cars.

utieh 09-13-2003 01:25 AM

Tamiya used to make TRF version of their cars when they was to replace them, 6months after the release of the TA03 TRF they made the TA04, and now, the TB02 should replace the TA04....
hope they will make a TB02-R very soon:D

rough512 09-13-2003 04:24 AM

Sealed spure gear!!!!
I might buy one just for that!!!


Mingfinity 09-13-2003 12:00 PM

I can foresee some version of TB02

TB02 R - graphite composite tub
TB02PRO - graphite chassis (should be a 'lite' version of EVO3), or even SSG

lee82gx 09-13-2003 09:57 PM

i foresee more:
TB02-R tuned
tamiya is making a joke out of themselves,
but this tb02 looks good doesnt it?the shocks are a bummer though.

rtypec 09-15-2003 09:11 AM

I'll wait for the TRF TB-02 with carbon fiber and aluminum everything...oh wait I already got one...it's called an Evo3 :lol:

gcooper 09-15-2003 09:33 AM

According to Tamiya the Evo3 parts are supposed to work on the TB02.


izzyracer 09-15-2003 10:03 AM

Originally posted by gcooper
According to Tamiya the Evo3 parts are supposed to work on the TB02.


If this works better than the TA04 layout. As proven by the EVO 3. This will be the new contender in GT2 and GT3 class. How about a short wheel base TB EVO 2:D

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