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  • hey everyone
    i race in australia and race stock at club and national level.
    im looking to buy a comm lathe in particular and also a tyre lathe as we race on foam over here.
    i have been shopping around and have found some lathes on speedtech rc.
    the two motor lathes are
    XIPP-X MOD super lathe
    and the tyre lathe is
    TEAM TRUE-CUT tire truing machine

    could you please give me a bit of information about these lathes and if you would recommend anything else.
    but keeping in mind , i am only 14 and do not have a huge budget to play around with. i know hudy make great lathes but they are also on the pricy side. therefore i am looking for a reasonably priced lathe, and also a fairly good quality one at that.

    also, if you know of any good and reasonably priced online shops i could look at for varioua items, please post the web address on here. thak you
    robbie lloyd
  • I'm getting the Eagle Mod fashion lathe(with v-blocks) in 7 days, I'll post some info and pics once it arrives and I try it out. When you get a lathe make sure you get v-blocks instead of BB's.

    The only problem with the fashion lathe is that the V-blocks can't be bought anymore, so when they start to wear out(which will take a long time) it's probabely better to think about selling it on(unless you can get some v-blocks fabricated for you).
  • I have a Cobra comm lathe and it does as good of a job as I need...
  • The XIPP-X Mod lathe is an excellent piece of equipment and will give very precise cuts. Order it with the carbide V-blocks and it will give you many years of service. Stay away from the ball bearing guides in any choice you make.
  • I have the Integy XIPP mod lathe, and I cut all my stock arms with it, and it works 100% perfectly. Easy to use, very beefy and solid. I recommend investing in a diamond bitt also. It will give 100X as many cuts as a carbide bit, but only costs twice as much. As soon as you start replacing your carbide bits, you will say to yourself "dang, I should of bought the diamond bit".
  • Here we go again. Stuff daimond bits, their fragile as anything and can easily be damaged. Carbide bits cut just as well as daimond bits when new and you can keep them sharp(and in new condition) with a daimond file. Stick with carbite especially if your new to using lathes, if your lathe is setup wrong you can screw a daimond bit in a few cuts.

    P.s. - You can get carbide bits for $5us verses $70+us for a daimond bit...
  • I agree fatdoggy, I can get bits for around $3 and they cut just as good as a diamond. My motors are fast and they're all cut on trinity's tru-lathe3 with the V-block setup.
  • Is it really necessary to use a diamond to cut copper? I have the carbide and for the amount of cutting I do it's fine... Besides, even tool steel would cut copper...
  • vtl, I don't think so if you do very light cuts with a carbide.
  • I tend do do multiple light passes over fewer heavy passes anyway...
  • I heard you can get Carbide bits at harbor freight for $1 each, anyone else heard this? I haven't went over to check yet
  • hey guys, thanx for your imput, very helpful, and keep it going , please
    another question, with motor lathes, does the carbide bit cut as well as a diamond bit would?????and also, does anyone know where i can order these particular bits for the lathes i have quoted in the first post???? diamond or carbide

    thanx guys

    robbie lloyd
  • They both cut the same. With a diamond bit, the finish job will be duller then with a carbide bit, thats the only noticable difference really. The main reason people go with diamond bits is they last longer then carbide bits do, but if you take care of your carbide bit, and do multiple light passes like vtl1180ny does it will last you as long as you need. I think has carbide bits, no promises though. Hope that helps
  • Me+RC=$$$ - Yes integy stock all the Xipp and Eagle lathe stuff including the carbide and daimond bits.
  • Thanks fatdoggy, I'm too lazy to go looking and had to go off of my poor memory

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