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Old 09-08-2008, 10:18 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by RCGaryK View Post
Yes, but this is not the place to discuss Clinton
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Originally Posted by march to my own View Post
Please end this thread.
Stop reading it, and just pretend it has ended.
I am in fact a very humble person. I am WAY more humble than anyone. Help me spread the word
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Old 09-08-2008, 10:49 PM   #33
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Please end this thread.
If you got nothing to contribute in this thread, you can always ingnore it.
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Old 09-08-2008, 11:37 PM   #34
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Originally Posted by old-man View Post
I hope someone higher up in the chain of command (besides the 4 Japanese clowns present in that event) in Tamiya Corporation Japan can take some action on this.

There were over 100 participants from Philipines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Lebanon, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia(the host country).

What has happened over the weekend has very serious consequences let alone the reputation of Tamiya as a whole.
4 Clowns? I thought there were 5, but one of those Japs really do look like a clown indeed.

Probably all these mishaps was due to communication breakdown.

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Yeee Hawwwww!!!
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Old 09-09-2008, 12:54 AM   #35
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Originally Posted by march to my own View Post
Please end this thread.
What's wrong with this thread ?
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Old 09-09-2008, 02:35 AM   #36
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Originally Posted by tan guan hup View Post
What's wrong with this thread ?
maybe he just want to add a post to his post tally.

there's nothing offensive in this thread and all are just facts. facts that tamiya has to deal with and rectify it. it is sad to hear this news, some of us supported tamiya for so long and yet end up in disappointment with them (yes i still drive TA05 in local TCS).

let the truth be heard
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Old 09-09-2008, 02:53 AM   #37
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scratching my bald head...

racing event got clowns?? i only thought i can see clowns in funfairs..

Man can believe the impossible,
but can never believe the improbable

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Old 09-09-2008, 04:01 AM   #38
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to correct u guys there is only 3 jap clowns this tac final
really dissapointed of what had heappen
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Old 09-09-2008, 04:37 AM   #39
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what is right we praise, what is wrong we point it out.

lucky i was not there to race, i would [email protected]#$ the official on the spot....

guys, you guys should let me know, i screw him direct, he cant pinalise me cos i am not racing that day....

well my fellow racers, just too bad, but we put up a good show as host country, we follow the rules to the dot.

win or lose, we do it in HONOUR!!! not some cheaters....

"mampus sama itu jepun bodoh""
I am a Red Star, Blue Star, Fans......

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Old 09-09-2008, 06:44 AM   #40
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Default hi

where is next timiya asian cup???
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Old 09-09-2008, 08:05 AM   #41
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First of all I must comment on "March to my own", I think this is not the thread to put such a comment. You should not only March to your own, but keep everything to your own. You are not being constructive in this thread. Are you the Thai racer who won buggy class without doing his marchalling duty? or are you the Hong Kong M-Chassis driver who cut his lightly tuned motor to achieve the 18400+ rpm on the motor? I hope you are not anyone of them, if not you really should just SHUT UP!

I am also one of the racers and was actually observing what was really happening around me as I am not in contention to fight for anything therefore I was feeling very board about the race and I saw a few thing with my own eyes and cannot believe what I was seeing.

I don't know if your team leader is also the country's agent. From what I can see is that the team leaders for all other countries are both the team leader as well as the country agent for Tamiya. If your team leader is not then I do not think that he can have enough leverage to persuade the Japanese officials. So what did your country agent do for you all? Did he fight for what is right? Or did he just keep everything at arms length? If its the later, then you all can kick him right in the crouch, since there is nothing there to be painful about in the first place.

This is one of the most bezzar TAC that I have ever attended. You see, all of the situation arised when the organizer did not do a proper job.
1) The carpet is the WORST EVER carpet that I have ever ran on. For an event of this calibre, the carpet is worst than sub-standard. You should not see the carpet fluffing up even until the 3rd day. If this kind of carpet was used in IIC, then I suppose it would be a hell of a race like this one.
2) There was no proper control and monitoring of the pit area so there were many chances for racers to do hankypanky stuff. Ofcourse, all of it boils down to point 1. Since everthing that is legal does not work, then try something illegal.
3) Like some have already said, if you break a rule, then you pay for it. You marshall because you have to respect other driver who inadvertly marshalled for your run as well. Not because you have to marshall becasue you just ran your qualifying or final run, so in return I would marshall or marshall because I would need to run my next run. You always have the choice to run your quali or finals, but it is not your choice to marshall or not. You should just marshall and give the due respect that others have given you.
4) I am surprised that the issue with the driver who did not do his marshalling duty would have the integrity and guts to go up to the top step of the podium to receive the trophy which is not meant for him, he should know what is right and what is wrong. Does anyone know his name? Maybe on should put it on this thread to let all of us know, just in case we get to race him again. Also maybe the officials' name, I think we can all question them when we see them at a race. Ofcourse, that goes the same to the Hong Kong driver who cheated just to win.

I cannot understand what is the big issue with winning if you needed to cheat to win. You can conceal technical issues to give yourself an advantage, but to cheat to win and be caught and then let go on the offence? I just think its too much.

The above are just my two cents worth of comment. All I want is for the race organizers and the Japanese officials to understand that they cannot just do whatever they want as we are all adults and are not 10 year old kid who can differentiate between what is right and wrong. With the Japanese integrity and moral of the culture, I believe they would do the right thing and reinstate what was done wrong in the first place. If not, I cannot forsee what would happen if the right thing is not done.
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Old 09-09-2008, 08:19 AM   #42
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Default just curious

I wonder, if Tamiya ever listen to their customers. So, what are the odds that Tamiya Japan,

1) Actually read RCTECH?

2) Care to make a response to this thread?

3) Take appropriate actions and make things right?

Can someone enlighten me please.

Anyway, to all the drivers that did not cheat, you are all winners. Congratulation on your high moral and integrity. Well done.
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Old 09-09-2008, 08:46 AM   #43
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The results are here.
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Old 09-09-2008, 09:53 AM   #44
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Mr. Park, you really still interested in racing TAC? If I were you then I would not race again unless they can rectify the problems that was caused by them in the first place.

As for Mr. edison_c, thank you for your comments. You really hit it right on the "head", literally. I don't know if our local agent stood up for us? But from what I gather, he did not. I do not understand what is the rational for not speaking up for the truth. Maybe he can answer to all of us on this thread? I cannot predict what would it be like in next year's race if it even materializes as it would be hard for him to uphold the usual strict rules and regulation that has been the norm. For the last three years that TAC has been held in Malaysia. I have always respected his ways of controlling a race and upholding its regulation, but I am surprised that he did not do the most basic of all things in an event of such magnitude. It is just a very puzziling thing for me to understand. Personally, I am utterly disappointed, and I suppose I am a little speechless as the events unfold right in front of my own eyes.

Especially as things start to sink in as I was totally knocked out after the three days of racing, it is just unbelievable such boo boo can happen at such an event. I thought such things can only happen at local/club level. To give credit to all local race organizer, including our local Tamiya Cup Qualifying series organizer, it has been alright, but comes the big event, comes the big blunder?

We have so many question mark in our heads and we are united as one, as Malaysian racers who believe in what is right, should be fought for and be upheld even against giants like Tamiya.

I have also spoken to racers from other countries, they also have the same feeling about the race. Its pretty bad in terms of organizing and ruling especially when it is an open secret that someone(s) has violated the rules and is allowed to get away with it. I guess its the organizers and the Japanese officials who has to live with the notion that they have done something wrong, they have let so many loyal fans, drivers, supporters down because they supported something that is obviously wrong. The least that they could have done is to allow all racers to vote on the issue. I meant at least the driver who did not marshall as this in the eye of the inspectors are an iffy issue. As for the HK driver who was caught modifying his hand-out(NO MODIFICATION) motor, its a no brainer in terms of if he should be allowed to continue and win the race. That is one part that I cannot understand. As a past participant in TAC finals in Taiwan, we were really examined so closely that even using a motor spray of another brand is given a warning. While such a big issue is caught and let go. What is wrong with the rule? Or is it just the two Japanese official that are there doing things wrong? I cannot answer all of these, as I am not the organizer, nor the Japanese officials.

Hope we can get an answer for all the questions that we have. I do not want to imagne what would happen if we are not not given an acceptable answer.

Lastly, I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU!, to our team leader, Azman. He is also a racer racing for the buggy class while he puts in the extra effort to help his fellow peers and racers to attend all the meetings and help us fight for what is right. Thanks again Azman, you did really well.
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Were all of you this vocal when it was happening in front of you during the event????
TQ-racing Yokomo BD7 Airtronics
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