wich is the best touring car ?

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  • best overall? 008
  • Quote: What kind of racing will you be doing? What kind of budget are you on?
    well i sont have any budget because i already have a hot bodies cyclone moor speed but i race mod . I just want to know y curiosity wich is the best car
  • imho;

    for asphalt, the cyclone seems to be a weapon of choice, don't know if that would change for a stock class.

    for carpet, Corally has ruled the scene for a while with constant battles with x-ray. The Losi car seems to be really making up ground in all classes.

    I have not seen the tc5 do anything special on carpet for any class, nor has the cyclone been dominate on carpet. Corally is comming out with a new chassis that I "think" is geared towards asphalt as the phi seems to struggle a little on asphalt and the losi has some mixed reviews on asphalt with a "is it driver or car?" question yet to be answered.

  • Quote: imho;
    for carpet, Corally has ruled the scene for a while with constant battles with x-ray.
    I haven't seen the Corally as a threat for well over a year. This opinion comes from watching it in the hands of amateurs locally and observing results by the pros at the big races. To my eye, it is a push demon on carpet-foam with perhaps the worst diff on the market (but you can spend $$$ to upgrade now), and no results to speak of on rubber.

    On rubbers it looks like the 416 is king, followed closely by 008, Type-R, and Cyclone.

    On foams, the 008 might be king, but the Type-R and TC5 are right there with it.

    It's possible that the small-quantity cars (Mi3, Magic...) are good, but I've never seen them and I've never heard they've won anything impressive.

  • Corally has the edge on the stock and 19t classes, but mod seems more open for xray and losi.
    Rubber classes, cyclone has the edge.
    i've drive'n all of these cars and Corally has great balance and incredible finesse in the twisties, just point and shoot!
  • Ive been with Schumacher,Serpent,Xray.

    And now im at the best


    416 all the way.
  • on foams on a technical circuit TA05ms Rules the roost with the 008 as a close second
  • Quote: A fist fight about the best touring car?

    I can't believe that. any way the best car is the Kyosho Stallion Shin and if anyone disagrees that can chat with my baseball bat.
    Brit this was brilliant

    I love these threads. Can we just pin one of them and compile the best responses together?
  • Quote: hi i was wondering wich electric 1/10 touring car is the best
    Which ever one you choose to buy. Sounds simple...because it is.

    Just pick one, set it up right, and it will handle the same as the other car you would have bought if you set that one up right.

    Anything that tells you otherwise is just company hype.
  • RS4 Pro.
  • Quote: RS4 Pro.
  • Quote:
    All of the newer cars are all capable in the hands of the right person. Since it sounds like you might be new to touring cars I would say stick with the one that you can get parts for easily and that others around you are running.

    I am currently really liking my TC5's but Xray, HB, Tamiya, Losi make great cars too.

    The total cost of ownership is a big issue to me and I think the TCO on the TC5 is the best in the industry right now. Car is inexpensive and the parts will not kill you. Car is durable and is fast with a little bit of tuning.

    Like other have said pick one and learn it...
  • Durability, cost, how difficult is it to setup and parts support are some of the factors that will give you the answer.

    Everyone is different and so is their driving style, for a club level car that won't break the bank, the ta05 is a good bet, albeit a little heavy.

    For more a advanced level of competition, there are so many good/race proven cars out there that I would just say it's down to personal preference.

    Xray designed a multi diff and like to make different chassis for foam/5 cell etc etc, tc5 has a slipper spool and put their cars out at a very competitive price, Tamiya's build quality is always good with the 416 designed for lipo, Serpent have had a lot of good UK results with the s400 and a strong community of racers helping each other with setups, Corally and Schumacher also have their good points....

    Each manufacturer has something different to offer in the design of their cars and good results
  • hb is more popular out of the u.s. from what i know, xray is a very solid company but parts are hard to get and tamiya makes a great tc too. they make parts for their 415 series and i want to see another remake of the 416. its all about where you can find parts the easiest.
  • The Best Car on The Market is Tamiya 416! overall
    great Car with tons of cornering speed...
    it's followed by Xray 008
    sChumacher mi3

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